Samuel Abada

Samuel Abada

Senior Mobile Engineer, Shuttlers Mobility

Lagos, Nigeria

Mobile engineer with experience in building native and cross-platform mobile solutions. Samuel is a senior mobile engineer at Shuttlers Mobility and a Flutter Lagos co-organiser.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • flutter
  • Flutter App Development
  • flutter development
  • Mobile
  • Mobile web
  • Jetpack
  • Jetpack Compose

Deep dive into Flutter deep linking

In this session, we'll explore the fascinating world of deep linking. We will demystify the concept of deep links and their importance in creating seamless user experiences. We'll delve into their practical benefits, from heightened user engagement to streamlined app navigation.

I'll share invaluable insights on best practices for implementing deep links, including strategies for creating dynamic URLs, managing parameters, and optimizing user journeys.

By the end of the session, the audience will have a firsthand experience of deep linking, with a demo app showcasing proper deep linking implementation.

Dressing Your Widgets With Theme Extensions

Before theme extensions, properly styling custom widgets was not so easy. Oftentimes, developers bundle their cosmetic details with the component. In cases where the developer has to implement two different theme modes, things could get a bit tricky.

Theme extensions are a way to extend the flutter theming system used by the default widgets of the SDK to custom components and widgets. This ensures that components can look up a particular style meant for them, keeping your styling code out of your raw widgets.

Flutter plugins, the federated way

Flutter supports a lot of platforms. By default, the different platforms have different behaviors and certain native implementations.

Writing a plugin could be as simple as adding your native implementation and proceeding. However, this gets messy as you try to support more platforms.

This talk aims to introduce the audience to the concept of federated plugins - an architecture that makes it easy to add new platform implementations, how to federate your plugin, best practices, and publish your plugin on the official repository(pub.dev).

Supercharging Navigator 1.0 In Your Mobile App - Flutter

With the introduction of navigation 2.0 in flutter, there's been a lot of hype around it and the problem it solves.

This talk aims at informing the audience of the merits of navigation 1.0, how it solves their routing problems on mobile apps and how to give your navigation superpowers. You dont exactly need navigation 2.0 if your target is mobile apps only.

A declarative mindset to building mobile apps

Dive into the world of declarative mobile app development with Flutter, Google's UI toolkit.

This talk contrasts the imperative and declarative paradigms, highlighting why the latter is gaining traction. Learn about Flutter's widget-based architecture, the benefits of a declarative UI, and how it simplifies complex UI challenges.

We'll also touch on transitioning from an imperative mindset and speculate on the future of mobile app development. Whether you're a seasoned developer or a newbie, gain fresh insights to elevate your app-building approach.

Flutter Tooling: Performance profiling

By default, flutter apps are fast and performant. This doesn't mean flutter apps are not susceptible to performance problems.

This session aims at highlighting some of these performance problems, the Dos and Donts, exposing the audience to tools to assist in resolving such problems.

Integration testing in flutter: The robot pattern

This robot testing pattern is about separating what we are testing from how we are testing. Engineers are tasked with writing these tests and ensuring that they are easily readable by non-engineers.

During this session, we would go through what robot tests look like and how to write them.

Routing with navigator 2.0

Since Flutter’s first stable release was in December 2018, navigation between pages in Flutter was about pushing and popping pages via Navigator 1.0 (the navigation api). Most use cases required simple and basic navigation; however, the emergence of complex navigation use cases brought about Navigator 2.0 — A declarative way of routing.

This session exposes the issues with navigator 1.0, introducing the audience to navigator 2.0 and everyday use cases in a production-level application.


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Samuel Abada

Senior Mobile Engineer, Shuttlers Mobility

Lagos, Nigeria