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Fabian Gosebrink is Microsoft MVP, Google Developer Expert, Pluralsight author, Angular & ASP.NET Core web developer and international speaker. As a software engineer, consultant and trainer, he supports customers building web applications with more than 10 years of experience. Fabian is very active in the community such as leading the swiss angular community „SwissAngular“, the .NET user group in Zurich, leading the largest german speaking C#-Community (mycsharp.de), being an egghead and Pluralsight trainer as well as running his own company Offering Solutions Software with a course and learning platform https://developer-academy.ch and is speaking at local user groups and international conferences.

Current sessions

State management with NgRx Stores and Effects

Angular offers you nearly endless possibilities in frontend but with great power comes great responsibility. If an application grows we sooner or later have to face the question of state management on clinet side. But what is state exactly? And what does "stateful" and "stateless" mean? And How can I manage the state of my application in a nice and clean way? Tools like NgRx with stores and effects can help us to design our application in a very lightweight and beautiful way. In this talk Fabian Gosebrink will shed a light on how to use NgRx with stores and seperate effects so that we do not have to fear big angular architectures again.

Detecting and solving paint points in Angular Applications

Starting any Angular Project is easy. AngularCLI provides a great user API, scaffolding is powerful, and the first pages, components are easy to create. But when the application grows you and your team can run into a lot of problems when developing, architecting and maintaining a single page application.
Suddenly the architecture gets unmaintainable, dividing the application in logical parts is a challenge and implementing asynchronous operations is hard. Handling the application state and including third party libraries in a proper manner becomes a real challenge. In this talk Fabian Gosebrink shows typical tasks, problems and solutions for mistakes which can be found in Angular applications. We will look at different problems, understand the challenge and develop a solution for common mistakes in Angular solutions so that your next project doesn't end with "If only somebody told me this before I started my Angular SPA"

Enrich your Angular App with Angular Forms

In almost every Angular application you come to the point where you need information from the user. Angular Forms is a great solution for this. Angular Forms makes it possible to get rich information about the people interacting with the page and provides many possibilities with a large variety of forms.
But user inputs even in its obviously simplest form can get very complex: Fields must be validated, can have complex dependencies on each other and should be testable.
In this talk Fabian Gosebrink will look at the complexity of Angular Forms and provide solutions which he encountered after maintaining lots of projects, web apps and connected forms. The talk will look at the worst examples, complex validations and the best solutions. Hopefully in your next projects, getting your user information will be easy, well testable and easy to implement.

Taking your Angular app to the next level with Progressive Web Apps

Angular Apps in the web are nothing spectacular anymore for us. We create apps, we upload and host them and enjoy them working when being online. But to provide users the best experience we also have to take care of the fact that the user can be offline, and our application should still be working flawlessly. Our users may want a mobile app, too which provies the same functionality with the same look and feel like our webapp has! In this talk Fabian Gosebrink describes how we can turn our Angular application into a Progressive Web App to be offline available, how we can use the todays mechanisms and techniques to provide the best functionality for our users with push notifications or background sync. We will see how we can create a (PWA) which is installable on desktop and mobile devices and have an app experience with our existing Angular codebase.

Creating modern WebAPIS with ASP.NET Core

In distributed applications, the backend plays a decisive role and the development of the backend has become a separate area. It should be quick and easy to use, provide data for the frontend, and be well documented. In this talk by Fabian Gosebrink you will not only hear how to create a RESTful WebAPI with ASP.NET Core in the latest version. You will also learn how to document them with tools and how to extend them with useful features. The end result is a clean backend that can be used from anywhere.