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Gerald Versluis

Gerald Versluis

Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft

Maastricht, The Netherlands

Meet Gerald Versluis, software engineer at Microsoft, who wields the power of .NET MAUI to conquer any project that comes his way. With a career spanning over a decade, he's tackled it all, from frontend to backend and everything in between, using Azure, ASP.NET, and all the other .NET goodies.

But it wasn't until he discovered the magic of Xamarin that he truly fell in love with mobile and cross-platform development, becoming an active community member and sharing his knowledge through writing, tweeting, and presentations. When he's not saving the world of software, you can find him on Twitter @jfversluis, blogging at, or making videos on his YouTube channel:


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Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • .NET
  • Cross-Platform
  • Azure
  • Blazor
  • Xamarin
  • Xamarin.Forms
  • ASP.NET Core
  • .NET Frontend
  • Azure DevOps
  • GitHub
  • Git
  • C#
  • Open source and community
  • Open Source Software
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows

The Blazor Multiverse: get to know the different Blazor frameworks

Many things are called Blazor today, so let's explore the different options and find out what they are exactly!

Hold on to your infinity stones, because in the time we have for this session we will explore: Blazor WebAssembly, Server, Hybrid and United and Blazor Mobile Bindings! Did we forget any?

After this session you will have a good understanding of each of the Blazor variants and when to use them.

Not in .NET MAUI? Not a Problem!

.NET MAUI is a fantastic abstraction on top of iOS, Android, Windows and macOS. It allows you to write one UI that is shared between platforms using the underlying UI controls native to each OS. However, typically the lowest-common-denominator model is implemented - only the features that are available on all platforms are provided out of the box. But not to worry! .NET MAUI provides a plenty of techniques to allow you to add platform specific tweaks.

In this session we will go over a couple of options to achieve platform-specific greatness, from the small number of platform specifics provided out of the box by .NET MAUI, to tweaking controls with handlers and mappers, or just implementing your own control entirely. Each technique will be demonstrated with a live coded example showing just how easy it is to get started!

By the end of this session you will have an understanding of the different ways you can use to make platform-specific tweaks, and be able to write your own platform-specific code to unleash the full power of each platform.

Real-Time Connected Apps with .NET MAUI, Blazor and SignalR

In today's world apps are expected to update instantly and your users demand to collaborate and play games in real-time. One way to do that is by using SignalR.

During this session Gerald will teach you what SignalR is, how to use it in different ways and blow you away with a couple of cool demos showing real-time connections between native mobile apps with .NET MAUI and web apps built with ASP.NET and Blazor.

Introduction to App Development with .NET MAUI

.NET MAUI provides an extremely flexible and powerful way to create apps for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows, from very simple to extremely robust and complex. Is this one size fits all? Where should you start? In this session I'll run through what .NET MAUI is, how it fits in the .NET ecosystem, differences with Xamarin and how to get started yourself!

.NET MAUI Blazor - Build Hybrid Mobile, Desktop, and Web apps

Blazor enables building client-side web UI with .NET, but sometimes you need more than what the web platform offers. Sometimes you need full access to the native capabilities of the device.

You can now host Blazor components in .NET MAUI apps to build cross-platform native apps using web UI. The components run natively in the .NET process and render web UI to an embedded web view control using a local interop channel.

This hybrid approach gives you the best of native and the web. Your components can access native functionality through the .NET platform, and they render standard web UI. .NET MAUI Blazor apps can run anywhere .NET MAUI can (Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android).

Building Your First .NET MAUI App Workshop

Today we will build a .NET MAUI application that will display a list of Monkeys from around the world. We will start by building the business logic backend that pulls down json-encoded data from a RESTful endpoint. We will then leverage .NET MAUI to find the closest monkey to us and also show the monkey on a map. We will also see how to display data in many different ways and then finally fully theme the application.

Live Coding Only: Building a Crowd-Powered .NET MAUI App

Get ready to be part of an electrifying coding spectacle!

Join Gerald for a one-of-a-kind session where we'll be live coding a mobile app with .NET MAUI, and you get to call the shots!

The audience will actively shape the app's development in real-time. Discover the ins and outs of .NET MAUI's capabilities as we navigate through cross-platform development challenges, and witness firsthand how to create a sleek and functional mobile app.

This interactive coding journey is perfect for developers of all levels, offering insights, tips, and a chance to be part of something extraordinary.

Don't just attend a session – be part of the code fiesta! Grab a front-row seat and let's build an app together!

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Gerald Versluis

Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft

Maastricht, The Netherlands