Gerald Versluis

Information & Communications Technology

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Maastricht, Limburg, Netherlands

Gerald Versluis

Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft

Gerald Versluis (@jfversluis) is a software engineer at Microsoft from the Netherlands. After years of experience working with Azure, ASP.NET, DevOps, Xamarin and other .NET technologies, he has been involved in a number of different projects and has been building several real-world apps and solutions.

Not only does he like to code, but he is also passionate about spreading his knowledge - as well as gaining some in the bargain. Gerald involves himself in speaking, providing training sessions and writing blogs ( or articles, answering questions on Stack Overflow and contributing to open-source projects in his spare time. Twitter: @jfversluis | Website:

Current sessions

Introduction to App Development with .NET MAUI

.NET MAUI provides an extremely flexible and powerful way to create apps for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows, from very simple to extremely robust and complex. Is this one size fits all? Where should you start? In this session I'll run through what .NET MAUI is, how it fits in the .NET ecosystem, differences with Xamarin and how to get started yourself!

.NET MAUI Blazor - Build Hybrid Mobile, Desktop, and Web apps

Blazor enables building client-side web UI with .NET, but sometimes you need more than what the web platform offers. Sometimes you need full access to the native capabilities of the device.

You can now host Blazor components in .NET MAUI apps to build cross-platform native apps using web UI. The components run natively in the .NET process and render web UI to an embedded web view control using a local interop channel.

This hybrid approach gives you the best of native and the web. Your components can access native functionality through the .NET platform, and they render standard web UI. .NET MAUI Blazor apps can run anywhere .NET MAUI can (Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android).

Past and future events

VisugXL 2021

19 Nov 2021
Brussels, Brussels Capital, Belgium

.NET Conf 2021

9 Nov - 11 Nov 2021

Developer Week '20

28 Jun - 2 Jul 2020
Nürnberg, Bavaria, Germany

Techorama Belgium 2019

19 May - 21 May 2019
Antwerpen, Flanders, Belgium

DotNedSaturday 2019

Session: ARM Wrestling: Infrastructure as Code with ARM Templates
26 Jan 2019
Veenendaal, Utrecht, Netherlands

Global AI Bootcamp Netherlands

14 Dec 2018
Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands

DotNext Moscow 2018

Session: Creating airplane mode proof Xamarin applications
22 Nov - 23 Nov 2018
Moscow, Russia

Expert Day for Xamarin 2018

19 Oct 2018
Köln, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Cloud Camp - The Microsoft Community Event

16 Oct 2018
Dublin, Leinster, Ireland

IT Arena

Session: Make Your Apps Smarter With the Power of AI
27 Sep - 28 Sep 2018
Lviv, Ukraine

Techorama BE 2018

Session: Skynet activated – Building Smarter Apps with Cognitive Services and Xamarin
23 May - 24 May 2018
Antwerpen, Flanders, Belgium

NDC Minnesota 2018

7 May - 10 May 2018

DotNed Saturday 2018

Session: From 0 to America – getting your app built and distributed (and more) at light speed with Mobile Center
27 Jan 2018
Veenendaal, Utrecht, Netherlands

Microsoft TechDays 2017

Session: Xamarin Mobile DevOps: setting up an automated pipeline for your apps
12 Oct - 13 Oct 2017
Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands

Expert Day for Xamarin 2017

Session: Skynet activated – Building Smarter Apps with Cognitive Services and Xamarin
6 Oct 2017
Köln, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

DevConf Poland 2017

Session: The Circle of Life: ALM for Your Xamarin App with VSTS and HockeyApp
14 Sep - 15 Sep 2017
Kraków, Lesser Poland, Poland

Techorama BE 2017

Session: Building 5 star apps with Xamarin Test Cloud
24 May - 25 May 2017
Antwerpen, Flanders, Belgium

DotNed Saturday 2017

Session: Building real-world, enterprise grade Xamarin apps with MVVM
28 Jan 2017
Veenendaal, Utrecht, Netherlands

Microsoft TechDays 2016

Session: The Circle of Life: ALM for Your Xamarin App with VSTS and HockeyApp
4 Oct 2016
Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands