Kai Stenberg

Kai Stenberg

Microsoft MVP M365 Apps & Services, Podcast owner & blog owner

Oslo, Norway

Since February 2022, I have been an Microsoft MVP, M365 Apps & Services | TEAMS.
Voice has been focus the last 20 years within Contact Centers and for the last 13 years I have been working with Enterprise Voice solutions .
In February 2024 I started to work for Capgemini Norway as Managing Consultant.
Since 2017 I have been working with Microsoft Teams and Voice solutions where using Direct Routing produced from Azure.
I also do integrations from Teams Voice to Dynamics365, both Dyn365 Sales and the Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform.
If you want to know about headset, the good one or Teams phones. I have done lot's on testing around this and have some great experience in the field.
I also have the Norwegian podcast #TeamsCastAway and also run two blogs.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Teams Direct Routing
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Calling
  • Calling Plans
  • Contact Center Solutions
  • Operator Connect
  • Microsoft MVP
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • M365
  • Enterprise Voice
  • M365 Copilot
  • Copilot for Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Copilot

Dynamics365 CS Omnichannel Voice - Teams Voice

Do you wonder about Dynamics365 Customer Service Omnichannel with Voice. Well here we shall talk about the basics. What is needed to start calling for Customer Service module in Dynamics365.
What if you got Teams and Direct Routing. What are your options then?
How do Dynamics365 Sales end up in this, what do they need to start calling or use click to call?
Even going for Dynamics365 Omnichannel with voice, you still need to handle Phone system in Teams, and even switchboard.
With this in mind Direct Routing or Operator Connect will be your partner "in crime" to get this working.
You will in this session learn about what you need to get this working.

Dyn365CS Omnichannel - Teams - Voice - AYNK

In this session I will take you to a journey where you will learn about how to get Teams integrations to Dyn365 Customer Service Omnichannel.
Be aware that I’m not a Dyn365 expert, but have the knowledge and curiosity to figure out how things works.

I will show how to:
- Basic to know for voice in Dyn365CS Omni, what need to be there
- Get telephony integration to Dyn365Cs Omnichannel, what’s HOT and what’s NOT
- Configure ACS (Azure Communications Service)
- Get Teams in Onmichannel, chat history and more
- Change settings on the bot for Telephony
- Live DEMO

This will teach you AllYouNeedtoKnow to get started.

Dyn365 with Teams, how do this

In this session I will walk you throu the Dyn365 integrated with Teams. You will see how BOT's can be a part of you website. How Dyn365 Sales works with Teams and Telephony.
You will see how Dyn365CS omnichannel Voice works together with Direct Routing and Azure Communication Service.
Most of the sessions will be live demo.

Dyn365 Sales with Teams voice integration

In this session I will take you to a trip regarding Teams Direct Routing and Dyn365 how it works together.
First you will learn about:
- Licenses for Direct Routing
- How to configure Dyn365 for Teams integration
- Dial in and out to Dyn365 Sales Demo
- How the integrations works
- Click to call DEMO
- Chat in Teams in Dyn365 sales

M365 Copilot six months after

How did M365 Copilot impact for the company. Did we fail or was it just what we hoped for.
How does the ROI looks after six months?
What are user impact and did we figure out the security issues?
Have we become expert on M365Copilot or do we regret ?

Are you ready to rumble - let's make you M365Copilot ready

In this session you should learn about how to be copilot Ready. What do you need to prepare. Who shall be on CCoE (Copilot Center of Excellence).
What is mandantory to have on board and what's not. CCoE what are they job.
Shall everyone in your organization have Copilot or just a few.
What about the user adoptions.

Shared Channel B2B - TEAMS

In this session we well cover B2B shared channels in Teams.
Why use B2B and not guest accounts.
It's time to clean up the mess

#Copilot & Teams or Just Premium

In this session you will learn about:
- #Copilot and how this impact on Teams
- AI and Teams Premium
- M365Copilot for all
- history of Copilot
- The investment and RIO
- For who and not for who

Important when running MDCCP using voice

In this session you will learn how to:
- make voice and work together with Session Boarder Controller in Azure Communication Service, using Direct Routing.
- What do need to be aware of?
- Notes from field
- Demo

Teams, where is my contactcenter?

In this session you will learn about:

- ContactCenter for Teams
- Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform
- Dyn365 Sales and Teams

How to make it all happens and make the rigth choise

Deepdive in Teams Voice

In this session we will do a deepdive in how to make sucess in Teams voice.
What are your options?
How do we implement it?
Demo using Powershell.
Cost difference and how to make the best business case for this.
How to build integrations with MDCC- platform.
MDCC Platform, demo how Teams and Voice can work in this.

Teams Voice - best choise

In this session you will learn and find out how to get the best from the voice part in Teams.
What are the best solutions cost wise.
What does it cost per user and how to do this.

Teams Telephony, past, present & future

A walk on where we was, where we are and the future of Teams Telephony.
- What happend in 2017 and where are we today? Historic perspective.
- Direct Routing
- Operator Connect
- Calling Plans (Domestic and International and Pay As You GO)
- Teams Phone Mobile

Integrations, what is now cool stuff and why do we need Teams Voice.
You will also learn about Session Boarder Controllers (SBC) and SBCaaS.
What are your options.

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February 2024

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Kai Stenberg

Microsoft MVP M365 Apps & Services, Podcast owner & blog owner

Oslo, Norway

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