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Mihailo Joksimovic

Mihailo Joksimovic

Senior Software Engineer @ Microsoft

Belgrade, Serbia


Software Architect by choice, Engineering Manager by accident and REBT practitioner by need. Thirteen plus years in the industry have taught me stuff and I'm willing to share them!


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Content Creation for Developers

Did you know that one of the best ways to master any topic is to teach others about it? Like, point blank proven to be one of the most effective ways!

Question is - are you doing it already? Are you improving your craft or just floating day in day out, keeping that knowledge of yours locked deep down inside your mental box?

This talk's aim is to change that. I want to share WHY content creation is an awesome craft, how to leverage it to gain more influence and, finally, how I'm doing it and why it's extremely simple to start with.

Data Science & ML for Software Engineers

One thing I keep observing among Software Engineers is that they either know A LOT about DS & ML, or they avoid it like plague, assuming it's something incomprehendable and reserved for enthusiasts. I think that's a real pity and I want to change that.

I've been dancing primarily on the SE side, but I had lots of interactions with DS & ML. One beautiful thing which might not be obvious is that these disciplines have a very low entry barrier and you can see great results immediately! And I think that's really cool and inviting!

As part of this talk, I will give you a (very short) intro to what DS&ML are, and then jump right into some basic things that you need to know about (samples, features, some statistics & modeling) and then discuss on some real-life examples how you can start training your own models, which tools to use and what's the whole math behind it.

All in all, it will be a pretty intensive and VERY SATISFYING lecture, so I wholeheartedly invite you to join!

Let's talk about Mental Health and Burnout!

A'ight, we keep talking about Diversity & Inclusion but we somehow keep forgetting the most important peace of the puzzl - our mental health! To make it even worse, ignoring those early signs will lead us towards one and only path - the path of the burnout.

I've been there. Went through a massive burnout some 10 years ago. Then spent another 7 years in REBT therapy trying to sanitize the damage. It sucked! Big time!

This talk's aim is to share my first-hand experiences, make you realize that YOU ARE NOT the only one feeling overwhelmed, and eventually inspire you to start taking serious care of your Mental Hygiene!

May I interest you in ... R?

One of the reasons we love visiting conferences is to hear and learn something new, right? So, why not learn something brand new? Why not learn a bit or two about ... R language?

R is most widely used for statistics and machine learning. And yet, I think that's a pity. It's a pity because language is beautiful, has amazing set of packages and libraries and is built as purely functional language (although you can use OOP if you want).

Additionally, one beautiful thing about learning new languages is that you, usually, get inspired. You get inspired to try something new in your language of choice and, who knows, we might end up with something revolutionary, can't we?

Deep-dive into .NET's Runtime Engine, for People in a Hurry!

You know that one thing you know is there, but you don't care much about it? You'll probably read the internals some day, but now you have more burning issues to deal with. Yeah, that's CLR (Common Language Runtime). The battle-tank that powers any language that is willing to compile to Intermediate Language (C#, VB, PowerShell, Python, to name a few!).

If that's you or if you are generally curious on how the whole Runtime Engine of .NET works - this is a presentation to be at!

We will open up with some basic things like what Assemblies are and what's inside of them (hint: lots of metadata!) and then we'll move to some more intermediate stuff like Garbage Collection, JIT, Memory Management, Intermediate Language (IL) itself.

Oh and did I mention that I know you're in a hurry and have no time to waste? This presentation ensures the delivery of right amount of information that will be digestible in one go!

Deep-dive into (Windows) Containers, for people in a hurry!

I know. You're busy. And you definitely don't have time to try and understand all the intricacies of WHAT, WHY and HOW of Containers. Hell, you learn how to use it but leave the details for some later time.

I know you're busy. But I also know you will fall in love with containers once you learn some intricacies! Hell, I hated them and now I love them. Can't imagine my life without them!

Here are some of the things that we will cover:

- What containers are and why Docker != Containers
- Containers vs VMs - the eternal battle
- Open Container Initiative (OCI)
- Containers on Windows (COWs, HCS, HCSSHIM, etc.)
- Container Networking & CNI
- Container Images & what's inside them
- Image Layers & Union Mount
- Where Docker fits in all of this?

Come wondering and leave pondering!

Deep dive into SQL Storage Architecture, for People in a Hurry!

This talk is specific to SQL Server and it's storage engine. BUT, don't be fooled by it! Inner workings of most of the popular relational DBs (SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.) are more or less similar (almot the same)!

Here are just SOME of the things that I will be covering:

- What happens when you issue a CREATE DATABASE command
- How is data stored on your disk
- What is write-ahead logging
- What are Pages and how do they work
- What is a Buffer Pool and why it's important
- How to squeeze maximum performance out of your DB design
- How indexes work and what are B+ and B- Trees at all

And if you're thinking this is only for DB Admins - you're quite wrong! Knowing the internals of your DB engine allows you to squeeze out the best of the best out of it!

Complexities of Seniorship in Software Engineering: Tales of Whats and Whatnots

Reaching a Senior roles is hard. But you already know that. What nobody tells you is that going beyond Senior roles gets exponentially harder! It's complex, confusing and scary path. Some do figure it out and profit, while others keep wandering, trying to get back on the track.

I've been in this industry for 15 years now. Did all the roles from Junior, through Medior, to Senior IC. Then I walked the managerial path and I'm still unsure how I felt about it. Eventually I returned back to IC, but this time in big tech. And let me tell you - it's a hell of a journey!

Here is what I am going to talk about -- going beyond Senior Roles is damn hard! And there are some decisions that you have to make in order to prep-yourself up for what's to come. And yes, I made TONS of mistakes, and jumping back and forth between EM and IC does sound sexy, but it's really a painful thing.

So, learn from the experiences of the ones who got burnt and learned!

Back to "Basics": C++ & Windows Memory Management

I lied to you. This is not really the "basics". So don't get fooled by it!

This is a talk for those who want to understand how Windows manages your memory. How (and where) Stacks & Heaps are created. How HeapAlloc() works and what actually happens behind the scenes inside the Windows OS.

Finally, you don't really need to be a C++developer to profit from this presentation! This is made for ANYONE who is interested HOW memory gets allocated and how you could actually influence that.

Swinging the Pendulum - to the EM and back again

I spent 12+ years as an Individual Contributor (IC). Then I spent 2+ years as an Engineering Manager (EM). And now I'm in an IC role again. Go figure!

This talk will be about the vast amount of lessons that I've learned, challenges that I've experienced and frustrations I had to push through. Being both the EM and IC has numerous pros and cons and I'm absolutely happy to share them with you!

Mihailo Joksimovic

Senior Software Engineer @ Microsoft

Belgrade, Serbia


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