Moran Weber

Moran Weber

CEO & Founder of Women on Stage

Tel Aviv, Israel

Moran Weber is the CEO & Founder of Women on Stage; a global upskilling and support network for women in tech (https://www.womenonstage.net/). She’s formerly Tech Lead at Wix with 10 years of experience in software development. In addition, she is a Social Psychologist, holding an MA in Social Psychology, along with a BSc in Computer Science and Psychology from Tel-Aviv University.

In the past, Moran suffered from severe stage fright and impostor syndrome. Her path of overcoming these anxieties included stepping up to as many stages as possible, and becoming a renowned speaker and speakers’ trainer. Her unique background as a Software Developer, a Social Psychologist, and as a woman in tech drove her to embark on a mission to amplify women's voices everywhere.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology
  • Humanities & Social Sciences


  • Software Deveopment
  • Software Engineering
  • Psychology
  • Gender
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Women in Tech
  • devrel
  • public speaking

The Story Behind Women on Stage and Power Tips for Overcoming that Stage Fright

I used to have major stage fright and considered myself as an introvert for most of my professional life. Working many years as a software developer in a male-dominated profession, I was afraid to raise my voice, being found out “as a fraud”.
I never imagined that one day I’d be standing on stage speaking about my domains of interest in front of 800 people, and they’d be cheering me on.
I never could have dreamed I’d become an entrepreneur and start my own global platform: Women on Stage, showcasing hundreds of women tech speakers.

Throughout the years, I’ve gathered a bunch of power tips that helped me manage my own stage fright and impostor syndrome on stage.
Join me in this talk and I’d share with you my personal journey, as well as those power tips.

7±2 Reasons Psychology Will Help You Write Better Code

During the Cold War, the CIA knew how to expose Russian spies disguised as American citizens with 100% certainty. They used only a piece of paper and a few questions. How did they do that? Hacking your mind is easier than you think. Let’s explore how these mental hacks affect the code we all read and write. We’ll take a stroll through the world of cognitive psychology, and shed some light on some of our industry’s best and worst practices. We’ll have a few interactive examples of our mind’s limitations, examine how these limitations manifest themselves in real code samples and engineering practices, and take away scientifically backed techniques on how to write better code.

Code Like a Girl - Breaking the Gender Stereotype

It’s no secret that women are highly underrepresented in the tech industry. Some argue that this is a “natural” given fact, but it hasn't always been this way; software development was actually once perceived as a rather feminine field. Turns out, something happened in the mid-1980s that dramatically decreased the percentage of women in computer science studies. Why? What happened?

In this talk, I’ll explain what affected these numbers and the factors involved in discouraging women from tech. I’ll demonstrate how gender stereotypes affect and shape the tech world even when they’re totally unconscious.
You will see there isn’t anything “natural” about it and that you CAN make a difference just by doing some things differently. I will show you how.
Finally, I will give practical and scientifically-backed techniques in order to attract more women and girls into tech throughout every step of the career funnel.

Turn Your Git-blame Into Gold - The Alchemy of Great Tech Talks

“I don’t have anything interesting to say”, “I'm not an expert on anything”, “Everything was already done before"; Do any of these sound familiar???
I believe we all have a story worth sharing. I believe in the power of sharing our experiences, our failures, and our successes with others. Our industry and especially developers deeply rely on knowledge sharing within the tech community. That’s why all of you came to *this* conference.
But how do you get started? As a matter of fact, mastering this skill can be so much more than actually getting up on stage; how do you communicate your day-to-day ideas to your teammates and your managers? And how, on earth, do you overcome the stage fright?
Spoiler: it’s not always easy but there are measurable actionable steps you can take to turn your “RUSTY” experiences, your bugs, or that time when you broke production into GOLDEN lesson learned stories for others.
Throughout the years, and after training more than a hundred tech speakers, I’ve gathered a handful of power tips which helped me manage my own unbearable stage fright and turn others' stories into incredibly awesome tech talks. Join my talk, and you too, will be able to transform your stories into gold.

Moran Weber

CEO & Founder of Women on Stage

Tel Aviv, Israel