Magnus Mårtensson

Magnus Mårtensson

CEO | Azure MVP | Microsoft Regional Director

Malmö, Sweden

Magnus is the CEO of Loftysoft, a Microsoft Azure Most Valuable Professional since the start of Azure, and a Microsoft Regional Director. He is a consultant, architect, and product development lead, and of course an international speaker. Magnus travels the world for fun, to network and to mind share, and to passionately teach, learn, and experience. Passions include connecting with audiences and organizing conferences such as CloudBurst and GlobalAzure. Magnus loves good food, wine and company too. Come over at a conference and say hi!


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology

Four pre-flight checks for Azure Cloud

So, your company is going to the Azure Cloud. Wonderful! How will you do it? There’s more to it than most know, and most are not really equipped for the flight to the Azure Cloud when it is time to taxi onto the runway.
Fuel for your journey are the business goals, which you must use to navigate when it begins to get cloudy. Your teams of ground staff, tower operators, flight crew and pilots must be organized in a purposeful way so that everyone is ready for great time in the skies. Pre-flight check is your tactical planning that gives you a practical mapping between strategy, organization, and cloud.
In this session I will discuss the exceptionally important steps of Strategy, Organization and Planning to get Ready for the Cloud. I will add my own experience as an Azure MVP, Lead Cloud Architect, and a Chief Product Officer at Cloudeon by Devoteam.

Five best Azure Access Control practices

It is a serious challenge to master Access Control and Identity in the Cloud. With experience from over ten years as an Azure MVP, and in my role as Chief Product Officer at Cloudeon by Devoteam, I know most companies fail this challenge completely. Focus on Zero-Trust with the quintessential principles of just-in-time access and least-privilege! You can master the challenges of...
• Granting Users Access the better way via AAD Security Groups.
• Non-permanent PIM access for humans.
• Granting machines access via Managed Identities.
• Setting up automated Continuous Deployment.
• Self-rotating secrets.
We will banish Azure ghost and zombies. We will obliterate connection strings forever. We will see magical secrets that will never expire. That and more in this fast paced, demo heavy Azure enablement session which will make you a great Azure access hero.

Turning Azure Platform recommendations into gold

Going to the Cloud is hard. The realization is that the journey toward the cloud never ends – because clouds are always in motion.
* Financial optimization is critical and as your user base changes optimizations must change.
* Compliance in the cloud is like catching a fast-moving cloud with a hand net. We need to be compliant, but how is that supposed to be possible?
* Security is also ever evolving with new threats to relate to and protect against.
Good news is that most all the data you need to keep tabs on these cloud challenges is available from your cloud provider Azure. It is not very difficult to collect the data you need to create actions that need to be taken to decrease cost, manage compliance, and strengthen security.
Reality is that very often organizations are challenged to have the right responsibilities assigned to the right people or teams so that people are empowered to be accountable for these required continuous improvements. On top of that, it is additionally challenging for any organization to allocate enough time and budget to keep up with these illusive challenges.
In this session we will walk through the data points provided by Azure, describe the posture we must take to drive success, and map out the targets ahead to a successful Cloud journey!

Dev & Test Environments in Azure finally fast, cheap, and somewhat easy

If you are not using the cloud for Development and Test you are missing out – not really doing it right! Not all workloads belong in the cloud, but all development and test does for sure!
While the cloud is becoming ever more empowering and capable, at the same time it can feel too advanced and too far away when you are developing and testing. Self-reported numbers put cloud resource consumption waste at so much as a third (1/3) of the monthly bill! Much of this waste may be attributed to failure to automate and to not optimizing working environments in the cloud.
Microsoft works diligently to make your Azure ascent exceedingly easy. With initiatives such as Azure Deployment Environments and Azure Developer CLI you the cloud user can enter one or a few commands on the line and hey-presto: You have a development environment running in the real Azure Cloud, just for you!
In this session we will look at two options from Microsoft in the paradigm of hands-free development and test environments as-a-service. Automation with Infrastructure as Code, extreme ease of use, built in compliance and security, and of course financial optimization are topics covered.
As a forward-thinking efficient developer, you need to be empowered with knowledge how to set up work in the Cloud, how to do your great job there, and how to optimize the spend your resource usage incurs! This session clears things up so that you can see the cloud despite all the fog. I also share my installation guide with links, including of course VS Code and Windows Terminal customization guidance. Enjoy!

This is about Microsoft Azure Development Environment and the Microsoft Azure Developer Command Line azd. It will bring a TON of value to any organisation that can go all the way to fully automated development and test environment management!

Useful and Practical Azure Tips and Tricks

Doing Azure, are you? That’s great. Welcome to the Cloud! This session is about the “little known features” and “poorly kept secrets” in the Azure Platform which will make your work so much easier and more convenient! Let’s talk about practical RBAC, tagging, naming conventions and more. To be fair the last one perhaps doesn’t sound like a hidden Azure feature, just common sense! So, why does hardly anyone use them, and how can a good naming convention help you? To continue… Policies, Alerting, Auto Scaling and similar great things might come up in this fast-paced fact-packed session. There sure is no shortage of cool ways to make your day flying above the Clouds even brighter! Join a guy who has bet his company on helping others to build their wings and fly!

Practical Design Patterns in the Age of the Cloud

So many are thinking about, going to or are in the Cloud. Moving my old stuff from here to there is not all that difficult. Running a Cloud based workload, unlocking the true power of the platform, taking full advantage, saving money and creating applications that reach the globe is a little more challenging. Let's talk about the Software Design Patterns that make sense in the Age of the Cloud and let's ask the critical question - when to use which?

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Magnus Mårtensson

CEO | Azure MVP | Microsoft Regional Director

Malmö, Sweden