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Rob Litjens

Rob Litjens

Working for a bank as a global Database Platform Engineer.

Wijchen, The Netherlands


I am a DBA since 1997 and have worked with SQL6, 6,5 and upwards. My interest are merely platform based, but also interested in performance and monitoring. With the requirements changing I am working in DevSEcOps for SQL for my employer. Security is getting more focus. That means I am trying to setup builds that are secure by designed and securely designed. Tools help with that.


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  • SQL Sever
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  • SQL Server DBA
  • Azure SQL Managed Instance

Defender for SQL as part of your Defense in Depth strategy

Your work for a company with much exposure in the market. You have setup several things like auditing for being able to notice that something happened to the data. Microsoft Defender for Windows is running. For Legal reasons they require more. They want you to be able to block access when someone tries to get into your system.

The company stakeholder selected a tool for this.. Defender for SQL. Choice is made upon the fact that it combines protection of data in Azure and on Premise. The requirements made up also include things like to protect only certain systems. A wish of the stakeholder is also to include the audit data in the same portal.

How does Defender for SQL work? What is the reaction time. You also struggle about the fact to do it selectively. Can this be done? How to identify data from Premise Cloud in the same Portal? Can we use this data with more solutions? Let me help you getting on the road.

might be firtst public delivery. Audience is hybrid (platform) DBA

Open up your database by API

You are the it guy of a Bikeshop named ‘Riding since 19’. The bikeshop has been established by a two famous bike riding guys. Both ride Moutain bikes and also race bikes at a Global racing level. The Bikeshop has a good reputation on the Internet. You do not advertise in papers, but you do advertise on social media. Also, you do support various social riding events and have famous Testing days. In short, since he started the company in 2019 there was only tremendous growth. The idea is to start building your own bikes. The products created will have brand name based on the owners Poel and Pidcock: "PPBiking" is born!
The growth is such that there is a need to build a warehouse in the other side of the company, because in the area where the shop is working you do not want to spill ground on warehouses. Someone said it is better to have a warehouse near the harbor because parts can be easily retrieved.
After a year the warehouse is ready and PPBikes found a frame manufacturer for their Alloy and Carbon frames. A container is on its way to the harbor and other suppliers are delivering their quality materials. The first PPbikes are ready and they are tested by Wouter and Tom and a lot of their friends.
All of their friends want to order the bikes, they are that good! But Wouter as well Tom did not think on how to make sure their orders could be placed in the sales system.
Fortunately, they have you. You need to come up with a decent and easy solution. You have heard about an API solution to access your current database which is on premise. But you know the connection to your location is not always excellent. Could Azure be of any help?

you need to create API endpoints on your database for retrieving and updating your database. How do yo do this? This session might be of help for you.,

What else can you get from Defender for SQL and SQL audits?

Siem tools are important nowadays. Tons of people are still using audits to collect information of Database Servers on premise. Next to this most of you collect DML logs for identifying threads and defending their databases against threads. Tools like Defender for SQL help. The different tools that are used like ArcSight or other tools.

Nor the audits, nor the DML logging is written in one place. Also the data collected is in most cases not enough to cover soft controls that your company requires. Also, interesting is that you will find out that the Audit and DML data is duplicated. This waste can cost a lot of money

There is a way how you can work using both Audit Events (or xevents) from one source and also check on the health of your databases, on premise but also in Azure. How can you get alerts ourself?


Let me get you on the right track!

Session about enhancing the security of your databases on premise and in cloud.

Modernize your Blog site with Azure in one hour.

You have a website running something like WordPress, Drupal or something else. In that website you are using additional modules for templating and so on. If you look at your website, it is mostly a static website. No real rocket science there or?

There is that tiny little thing... You are consuming data from another website or you want to use data from a Azure SQL database. It seems impossible... Seems...

This use case fits my website.

About a year ago switched to Hugo. Some people in the Community started using this already. I liked the way how it works but I am used to Markdown. But what it lacked at that moment was a way to consume a database or API. That changed also. The topics discussed are how to use Databases by API usage. We will use traditional tables and stored procedures, but also GraphQL. And that all embedded in your Hugo Site. Next to this I promise to show you the latest ways to embed "External Data."

The best of all: this is very low cost and has an overwhelming performance.

Let me explain you how this works.

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Rob Litjens

Working for a bank as a global Database Platform Engineer.

Wijchen, The Netherlands


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