Securing and monitoring your Azure AD user and privileged accounts

Azure Active Directory is one of the keys for implementing a "Zero Trust" approach. The perimeter is moving from network to identity (as the new control plane).

During my session I will talk about several aspects to secure and monitor hybrid identities and (cloud-only) privileged accounts.

The session includes overview, recommendation and considerations of the following topics:

- Plan, draft and test Conditional Access Policies
- Automated response to address user and sign-in risk with Azure AD Identity protection
- Protecting privileged accounts with Azure AD PIM
- Concepts and recommendations of securing privileged access
- Auditing and insights of accounts and (suspicious) authentication attempts

Level 300 Session
including Hands-On Demo

Thomas Naunheim

Microsoft MVP | Cloud Security Architect @glueckkanja-gab AG

Koblenz, Germany

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