Securing privileged access with Microsoft Entra and beyond

Privileged access needs particular attention alongside of the administrative accounts in Azure AD and is essential for every organization. Microsoft Entra offers new capabilities to analyze assigned permissions in a multi-cloud environment with Permissions Management but also automation of identity lifecycle for privileged identities and access with Identity Governance.

Microsoft has been published also many best practices and security concepts to build an administrative (tier) model in Microsoft Azure (such as the Enterprise Access Model or recommendations from CAF).

In my session I will speak about the experiences from the field, considerations and solution approaches to protect privileged access. This includes also custom solutions and own-developed practical approaches for tiered administration.

- Security aspects and Lifecycle Management of Privileged Accounts
- Adoption of Enterprise Access Model in Microsoft Azure
- Analyzing permission gap and custom classification of sensitive objects
- Entitlement management and delegation within tiered level

Thomas Naunheim

Microsoft MVP | Cloud Security Architect @glueckkanja-gab AG

Koblenz, Germany

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