How to use and create Data Lineage in Microsoft Purview?

The use of data Lineage is a hot topic for many organizations.
Many organizations struggle with answers to the following questions:
• I want to adjust a measure, but where do I have to adjust it and where does the data come from?
• What will be the effect on my data if I rename this column in the source?
• Can I visually overview my Data Estate including how the data has been transformed?

In this session, we will explore the concept of data lineage and how it can be used in Microsoft Purview to provide a comprehensive understanding of data flows and data transformation across various data sources. We will cover how to create and visualize data lineage in Purview, including the use of Purview scanners and connectors, and the integration with Azure Synapse Analytics and how to use Custom Lineage components for unsupported data sources with Apache Atlas.

The session is intended for data professionals, such as data architects, data engineers, data analysts, and data scientists, who are interested in using Microsoft Purview for data governance and management. The session would be beneficial for those who are already familiar with basic concepts of data management and would like to learn more about using data lineage in Purview.

Erwin de Kreuk

Data Platform MVP | Lead Data and AI |Public Speaker | InSpark | Innovate to Accelerate

Rotterdam, The Netherlands


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