Make your Azure Synapse Analytics a stronghold and win the game!

Want to learn how to build a secure by design Azure Campaign? Join us for an action-packed game!

The goal of today’s game is to provide guidance on building a secure and cost-effective data adventure and on making the technologies work together seamlessly and securely.
The game is led by the **Dungeon Master**, so gather your troops to play the campaign.

Building a secure by design Azure Synapse Analytics adventure is not something what we play by default, the troops have to make their strategy well in advance.
In the morning we will start with the first adventure “Greyhawk”. This is the design adventure, the heroes will use the different security design principles from the Well Architecture Framework (WAF).

The next adventure “Eberron” is the deployment, the knights should work carefully together, some configuration matters and can only be set from the first moment and are irreversible, so making the right decision are very important here. During the first part of this adventure, we will learn how to configure, build and to secure an Azure Synapse Analytics campaign.
Data exfiltration Protection, (Managed) Private Endpoints and securing connections are settings from this adventure.

In the afternoon we will finalize the “Eberron” adventure, with a strong focus on how to manage access control before we start the last adventure “Forgotten Realms”.
The campaign is now built and the Synapse Workspace is ready for use. The troops will look, how they can build and transform secure Pipelines in Azure Synapse Analytics in a safe way with the help of Azure Key Vault and by applying policies. Policies ensure that we can enforce certain configuration settings.
At the end of the day, the troops exactly know how to build their Azure Synapse Analytics campaign, completely accurately and what building secure by design adventures will do with their costs.
With the final quiz we will see which heroes have won the GAME.

This game is suitable for mix of characters, a hacker " Rain Rage" as a rogue, a data scientist "Donilor the Great" as a Wizard, a data engineer "Tony" as an artificer, a cloud engineer "Danielle de Brave" as a paladin, each with their own strong and security weaknesses.

Erwin de Kreuk

Lead Data and AI | Data Platform MVP | Public Speaker | InSpark | Innovate to Accelerate

Rotterdam, Netherlands

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