Not in .NET MAUI? Not a Problem!

.NET MAUI is a fantastic abstraction on top of iOS, Android, Windows and macOS. It allows you to write one UI that is shared between platforms using the underlying UI controls native to each OS. However, typically the lowest-common-denominator model is implemented - only the features that are available on all platforms are provided out of the box. But not to worry! .NET MAUI provides a plenty of techniques to allow you to add platform specific tweaks.

In this session we will go over a couple of options to achieve platform-specific greatness, from the small number of platform specifics provided out of the box by .NET MAUI, to tweaking controls with handlers and mappers, or just implementing your own control entirely. Each technique will be demonstrated with a live coded example showing just how easy it is to get started!

By the end of this session you will have an understanding of the different ways you can use to make platform-specific tweaks, and be able to write your own platform-specific code to unleash the full power of each platform.

Gerald Versluis

Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft

Maastricht, The Netherlands


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