ASP.NET Core & Entity Framework Core Development Workshop

Designed to provide developers a leg up on implementing solutions using ASP.NET Core as well as Entity Framework this full-day workshop will lead attendees through the development of an entire solution from the ground up with .NET Core.

Focusing on real-world development scenarios, including items such as:

* Bundling & Minification
* Security Best Practices
* .NET Core Adoption Considerations
* Deployment Scenarios (Including CI/CD Concerns)
* Effective Change Management with EF MIgrations
* Complex query & UI considerations

At the conclusion of the day, attendees will leave with a completed project that is ready to meet the rigors of day-to-day development in teams of all sizes. A true leg-up into implementing ASP.NET Core in their own teams.

Mitchel Sellers

Flying Code Ninja!

Ankeny, Iowa, United States

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