How to get a better arc42 documentation with the help of Domain-driven Design

Often, the architectural documentation of a project / product is designed in the privacy of the architect's office. However, in the environment of collaborative modeling approaches, which are very popular in the Domain-driven Design community, there are numerous approaches and methods how to develop parts of the architectural design and thus also the documentation together with stakeholders. This is the starting point of the presentation, which is based on the arc42 template and covers the following topics:

- How to achieve a good technical context delimitation with EventStorming.
- How to identify first building block candidates in EventStorming with the help of pivotal events, swimlanes and temporal boundaries
- How to describe building blocks in the building block view using the Bounded Context Canvas
- How to use Quality Storming for the identification of quality scenarios

Michael Plöd

INNOQ - Fellow

Nürnberg, Germany

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