Pitching DDD to the C-Level Management

Over the last couple of months and years I have always been confronted with the question „how to I sell or pitch the ideas behind Domain-driven Design to our management“?

This session aims to give you some advices how to address this challenge. Many of these advices are practically tested in various presentations and pitches to various senior and C-Level managers. Some of those were successful, others not so much and I will share some stories from the trenches of both outcomes.

I‘ll give you hints how to structure an argument for DDD, which parts of our beloved practice are of interest for those stakeholders and why you should also look beyond the IT-management for your pitch.

This talks is all about riding to the penthouse of Gregor Hohpe's elevator with DDD in your backpack.

Michael Plöd

INNOQ - Fellow

Nürnberg, Germany


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