Four pre-flight checks for Azure Cloud

So, your company is going to the Azure Cloud. Wonderful! How will you do it? There’s more to it than most know, and most are not really equipped for the flight to the Azure Cloud when it is time to taxi onto the runway.
Fuel for your journey are the business goals, which you must use to navigate when it begins to get cloudy. Your teams of ground staff, tower operators, flight crew and pilots must be organized in a purposeful way so that everyone is ready for great time in the skies. Pre-flight check is your tactical planning that gives you a practical mapping between strategy, organization, and cloud.
In this session I will discuss the exceptionally important steps of Strategy, Organization and Planning to get Ready for the Cloud. I will add my own experience as an Azure MVP, Lead Cloud Architect, and a Chief Product Officer at Cloudeon by Devoteam.

Magnus Mårtensson

CEO | Azure MVP | Microsoft Regional Director

Malmö, Sweden


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