Practical and Effective Access Control in Azure

You will learn why and how to practically set up automation for responsible access to your business-critical Azure resources. Demos use best-of-the-best practices, empowered by the latest-and-greatest features of Entra ID, such as PIM and Access Reviews.

It is unfortunately almost always the rule with access control in Azure that too many people have too much access to the wrong things all the time. This puts your application security at risk, and you can forget about compliance, and it leads to very expensive problems, such as human errors, hunting the ghost of environment drift, wasteful behaviour with rampant costs. It can even lead to dangerous risk of industrial espionage. Most of this can be thwarted and swatted out by the practical guidance you are about to see. This session can make your Azure access automation the exception to the rule!

Fully automated setup of environments ready to go with:
• Security Groups in Entra ID.
• RBAC to Azure configured with PIM.
• Access Owners defined for delegated responsibility.
• Access Reviews (optional).
• Custom roles (optional).

Take control of access control in Azure to secure your service after this session!

Magnus Mårtensson

CEO | Azure MVP | Microsoft Regional Director

Malmö, Sweden


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