Private network GitHub Runners and DevOps Agents as a shared corporate service in the Cloud

Running a private network in the Azure cloud comes with great responsibility. You can provision resources easily, but then what - how do you deploy the application to a private network? You cannot use public GitHub Runners, or public DevOps Agents.
Instead, you must configure and set up your own Runners and Agents on the inside of your network, configure routing from those agents to the app resources, and then - as if through MAGIC - you can run a low-cost shared service in the private Cloud for your company.
Let's talk about how to create these magic deployers, about the network, about the credentials, and let us see this magic in action too!
This talk is about making it easy to do the right thing despite complicated private networks and proper access control.

Magnus Mårtensson

CEO | Azure MVP | Microsoft Regional Director

Malmö, Sweden


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