Useful and Practical Azure Tips and Tricks

Doing Azure, are you? That’s great. Welcome to the Cloud! This session is about the “little known features” and “poorly kept secrets” in the Azure Platform which will make your work so much easier and more convenient! Let’s talk about practical RBAC, tagging, naming conventions and more. To be fair the last one perhaps doesn’t sound like a hidden Azure feature, just common sense! So, why does hardly anyone use them, and how can a good naming convention help you? To continue… Policies, Alerting, Auto Scaling and similar great things might come up in this fast-paced fact-packed session. There sure is no shortage of cool ways to make your day flying above the Clouds even brighter! Join a guy who has bet his company on helping others to build their wings and fly!

Magnus Mårtensson

CEO | Azure MVP | Microsoft Regional Director

Malmö, Sweden


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