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Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Blockchain and the Modern Workplace

Many of us have heard a lot about Blockchain and there is a lot of information coming our way regarding implementation and adoption of this new technology. In this session learn some of the ways Blockchain is changing the modern workplace and see how Blockchain on Azure can be used to enable multi-party state based business process and traceability. In this session we'll do a deep dive demonstration of a real-world Dynamics solution designed to extend Dynamics 365 using Azure Blockchain as a Service. Learn how our team designed the solution using services in Office 365, Teams and Dynamics to collaborate and track the donation business process and Blockchain to capture one version of the truth for donations data shared across political and geographic boundaries.

Paul Swider

Humanitarian, Traveler, Microsoft Azure MVP, International Speaker, Author and Healthcare

Paul J. Swider is a Microsoft Azure MVP, international speaker, author and the founding CTO of RealActivity a Boston based organization focused on streamlining healthcare using the Microsoft Cloud and proprietary software technology. Paul has traveled the seven continents to 96 countries and presented at events in over 50 countries to date.

Paul is an accomplished author of several developer books, speaks at and organizes community technology events around the world and is viewed as an international expert in Microsoft cloud architecture and enterprise blockchain.

Paul was first certified as a Microsoft engineer (MCSE. MCSD, MCT) in 1996 and has held enterprise certifications from Microsoft since that time. Paul is currently based out of the Boston area and occasionally gets to chase the tides and winds as an avid sailor in Puerto Rico. -`ღ´-

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