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How to nail a Power Platform job interview in the first 5 minutes

The Power Platform and the Community have inspired many, and at the same time, many seek new gigs, new employment, or new careers. In this session, receive interview tips, learning path information, and some industry lingo to help nail your first Power Platform interviews. Learn to impress the best interviewers in the first five minutes. New job seekers, parents, students, industry experts, hobbyists, and small business owners are encouraged to join this professional development session.

I'd like to present a concise session using the four principles in this article.

I've seen many people asking about interviews and jobs with PP in online forums, social media, Reddit, etc.

I'll also include learning and preparation tips, specific to Power Platform. Thank you for the opportunity and Happy New Year!

Paul Swider

Chief Philanthropy Officer, Health Technology, Code, Blockchain, Cloud, International Speaker, and Adventure Travel!

Paul Swider is the Founding CEO of RealActivity, a Boston-based SaaS company focused on optimizing provider experience and clinical workforce for teaching hospitals and hospital systems.

Paul is a Healthcare Industry Cloud Analyst for the Acceleration Economy and serves the Boston Healthcare Technology Meetups and Community.

Paul has passionate about family, technology, travel, and helping others. He has traveled the seven continents, over one million miles while organizing user groups, teaching at events, and presenting at events in over 50 countries to date.

Paul is an accomplished author of several developer books and, is viewed as not only an international expert in distributed cloud platforms, but an early adopter, and internationally recognized expert of decentralized code and blockchain.

Paul was first certified as a Microsoft engineer (MCSE. MCSD, MCT) in 1996 and has held enterprise certifications from Microsoft since that time. Paul was Awarded Azure MVP for 2019 and Azure most Influential in 2020.

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