Roberth Strand

Information & Communications Technology

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Oslo, Norway

Building and managing application platforms with Azure Kubernetes Service

The Kubernetes landscape is maturing and the managed offerings from cloud providers have come a long way, providing a more streamlined cluster operations experience. But we still need to make architectural decisions, set up automation, governance, and most importantly secure it. Even when the surrounding cloud platform is set up we still need to tune internal Kubernetes resources to make sure that both Dev and Ops have the best possible user experience, helping people work together without rigid processes that slows progression.

In this session we explore how to create highly available application platforms built with Azure services by using Terraform for infrastructure, FluxCD for true GitOps application delivery, all tied together using other CNCF backed projects and Azure DevOps. Expect a lot of information and much more practical examples than slides.

Roberth Strand

Head of Platform Engineering, Crayon Group

Roberth is a self-proclaimed "cloud automator", and works primarily with Microsoft Azure infrastructure, DevOps and Cloud Native technology. While originally from above the arctic circle, he currently resides in the capital of Norway, where he works for Crayon Group. He currently holds the title Microsoft MVP in the Azure category, as well as HashiCorp Ambassador.

He is active in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, being part of the TAG App Delivery and co-chair of the Cooperative Delivery working group. Furthermore, he is the founder of the Norwegian PowerShell User Group and Azure Cloud Native User Group, and is an Open Source advocate.

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