Building APIs and backend services that run PowerShell

When PowerShell first started out, it was primarily aimed against automating system administration, where the users created scripts that they ran locally on their machine or a server. To make this happen by itself and on a timer, we could set up a scheduled task, and that was enough for most of us.

These days, with the rise of Platform Engineering, we want to take our domain specific knowledge and make it available as a product or service. In the old days this would have been difficult without investing in proprietary systems, but as many PaaS solutions supports either PowerShell natively or containers, we can now create full-fledge backend services that utilize PowerShell for the business logic.

In this talk, I want to show a couple of examples how you can help your PowerShell to scripts to take a new life in a cloud-native world.

Roberth Strand

Principal Cloud Native Architect, Sopra Steria

Oslo, Norway


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