Manipulation with hierarchies in Power BI

Power BI can work with different hierarchies. But what options do we have to deal with them? There are quite a few scenarios. A typical scenario is the Parent-Child hierarchy, which is familiar in almost every organization within a role hierarchy. Sometimes, however, it is not so simple, and M:N hierarchies also need to be addressed. This does not have to exist only within roles and, for example, the substitutability of roles, but also on the business scene. Or you can have a merchant who manages a customer and should be able to see all trades made with the customer and, on the other hand, should be able to see only his sales for all customers. In scenarios like this, things get interesting! So let's not make two datasets unnecessarily, if possible otherwise, and unlock the potential of hierarchies to the maximum. Let's use them within visuals, RLS, calculations, and relationships.

Štěpán Rešl

Data Platform MVP | Managing partner & Lead technical consultant at DataBrothers

Prague, Czechia

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