Usage Metrics of Power BI Reports and how to get my data for longer time

If we work to make the message look great, and everything works as it should, then it's a big shame if it's not used. But do we have any way to find out? YES! That way is the Usage Metric Report, which is a native part of the Power BI and Fabric world, respectively. But it has its problems that it faces and that need to be solved, such as the absence of data older than 30 days or the fact that the data is always only for one workspace.

Can these problems be solved somehow? YES! You don't even need to have an Admin role to do this. But what exactly are our options, what do we need, and how can we achieve the desired result? This is precisely the subject of this session.

In this session, I will discuss Power BI / Fabric API, PowerShell, PySpark notebook, datasets, and potential reports.

Štěpán Rešl

Data Platform MVP | Managing partner & Lead technical consultant at DataBrothers

Prague, Czechia


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