Custom Connectors in Power Platform - Connectivity Unlocked

In the world where Power Platform is a living organism, connectors most certainly represent the nervous system. They carry the signals, they carry the data. They are the glue that brings all Power Platform components together. And they connect Power Platform to the world.

The best part is that you do not even need to be a developer to create one and reap the rewards. Come and learn how to.

Citizen or power user?
Learn about the role connectors play in the entire Power Platform. How to use them and (gulp) how to create one without being a developer.

Architect or developer?
Missing a connector or the connector you found is not good enough? Learn the connector internals and why you should eat them for breakfast.

Manager or architect?
Don't limit your connectors to data - discover how connectors can be used to make peace between citizens and developers without any data source in sight.

DevOps or Admin?
Package, deploy, monitor, govern.