Connect your data artifacts with Azure Synapse Analytics

Everyone talks about distributed data and data islands. And yes, that's true - data is stored and produced almost everywhere - in the cloud on premises and even machines produces data in milliseconds speed. It is getting more and more harder to build an integrated, single system for your single point of truth.
In the past years, Microsoft positioned Azure Synapse Analytics as an ideal platform for the Modern Datawarehouse serving diverse needs.
In this day long workshop I would like to present you the Azure Synapse Analytics platform ranging from data ingestion with Azure Synapse Pipelines, Data Exploration using SQL Serverless Pools, Data Wrangling using integrated Spark Pools and Data Warehousing using Dedicated SQL Pools.
Without a deep integration to external, linked services, Azure Synapse would not be that successful. Therefore, the concept of Synapse Link (for Cosmos DB and Dataverse) will be presented.
Analytics without visualization is missing an important step - in the last part of the day, the integration of Power BI and Synapse will be presented.

Wolfgang Strasser

data juggler

Hartkirchen, Austria


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