Tobias Fenster

Tobias Fenster

Managing Partner at 4PS Germany, Microsoft RD & dual Microsoft MVP, Docker Captain

Tobias Fenster started as a developer in the 1990s. Holding different positions including Head of Technical Consulting, Head of Development and CTO for multiple Microsoft partners during his career, he is now a Managing Partner at 4PS Germany. He is also a Microsoft Regional Director, holds dual Microsoft MVP awards for Business Applications and Azure and is a Docker Captain.

He is blogging on tobiasfenster.io, where he writes about Business Applications, Docker and Windows Containers, but also tooling like Azure DevOps, Visual Studio Code and infrastructure automation. His other focus is Azure, mainly around container environments and SQL.


Interfaces in AL

With Business Central 2020 release wave 1 we get a new language feature in AL: Interfaces. In this session you will get a bit of background why that is a very important addition to the toolset of Business Central developers and architects and see a practical demo of how to use interfaces

YouTube: https://youtu.be/2WsU5TWPqXs

Practical examples of Docker containers on Windows

After the introduction to Docker containers on Windows at the April MVPDays you will now see some practical examples: Running your first container, building an image and even running multi-container environments

Real life scenarios and best practices for using NAV on Docker

In this session you will see demos and implementation details of real life scenarios and best practices for using NAV/BC on Docker. The scenarios covered are:
- Self-service with containers: How to provide containers to developers and product managers through an easy to use web interface
- Multi-container environments: In some cases you need to run mutiple containers at once and you will see how this can easily be accomplished with Docker compose
- Automated extension 2.0 builds: Build your 2.0 extension using a CI/CD pipeline can greatly benefit from Docker containers including multi-stage images
- Using Azure Container Instances: If you just want to run a NAV/BC container without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure, Azure Container Instances are the solution

Docker on Windows 101 and NAV on Docker deep dive

In this workshop you will get an introduction to Docker on Windows from installation to running your first containers and using container concepts. Then you will see how NAV on Docker is built, how you can customize it and finally go through some real life examples of how containers can help with your dev and ops strategy. Prerequisite is an Azure subscription that allows you to consume paid services as we will be using an Azure VM during the workshop

Windows Docker Container

Container sind aktuell in aller Munde. Aber warum und wie funktioniert das? In dieser Session werden die Vorteile für Dev und Ops konzeptionell erklärt und anhand einfacher praktischer Beispiele vorgestellt. Vom Starten vordefinierter Lösungen über die "Containerisierung" bestehender Applikationen bis zur Orchestrierung von Multi-Container-Umgebungen werden die Grundlagen containerbasierter Umgebungen vorgestellt.

Make the most out of Business Central on Docker

The Docker images for Business Central are around for quite some time now and heavily used by a lot of people. But what are the most common scenarios and how can you implement them best? This session will cover:

- Provide containers for local usage on a laptop
- Set up a centralized self-service environment
- Use containers in your CI/CD strategy from local development to production ready packages
- Adjust the container images so that they work as you need them - from custom scripts to custom images

Tobias Fenster

Managing Partner at 4PS Germany, Microsoft RD & dual Microsoft MVP, Docker Captain