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David Patrick

David Patrick


Aberdeen, Maryland, United States

Dave has been developing database applications for over 30 years. A Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) since 2001, he has taught many classes from Intro to Programming to Advanced SharePoint Development. Dave is a five time Microsoft MVP and runs three user groups, MAD SharePoint,, the Mid Atlantic Cybersecurity Experts MeetUp,, and the Baltimore Cloud Meetup,

Dave does SharePoint training and application development for DSA, Inc., a DoD contractor that does great work for the U.S. Army over at Aberdeen Proving Ground. Dave has a bunch of certifications, including MCSD App Builder, MSCE for SharePoint, and MCSA SQL Server certification.

In his spare time, Dave teaches as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Maryland College Park's iSchool, Towson University and Stevenson University.

Check out to hear about Dave and his daughter Sarah's different views on tech!


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology
  • Government, Social Sector & Education
  • Business & Management


  • SharePoint
  • SQL
  • SharePoint Framework
  • Office 365 SharePoint Productivity
  • csharp
  • Azure SQL Server
  • power bi
  • Microsoft PowerApps
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Flow
  • Power Automate
  • Power Apps
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Microsoft Power Automate
  • Microsoft Power platform
  • Power Automate (Flow)
  • Microsoft Power Apps
  • SharePoint Online
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • SharePoint Server
  • SharePoint Development
  • SharePoint modern web parts
  • SharePoint Administration
  • Modern SharePoint
  • SharePoint governance
  • ShareGate

Know Your Foe - Tips & Tricks for Working in the Goverment Cloud Enviroment

For those of us working in the government cloud, you know we don't get all the latest and greatest features. In this talk, we'll share tips and tricks for creating great solutions using the tools in our toolbox, despite not having the newest and shiniest toys.

We'll cover what's available in the government cloud (Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, and Power Virtual Agents) and what isn't there quite yet. We'll do demonstrations of real solutions using technology that is available now in your government cloud, so that you can go back and use them right away and get started being productive.

On-Prem to Online Developer Exam Cram

How to transform your on premises SharePoint 2013, 2016 and 2019 Development skills to M365 / Office 365 platform and become a M365 Developer and Power Platform consultant.

This full day workshop will teach you the skills you need to develop solutions in any of the tools that are available in the Microsoft Online development toolchain, including the Power Platform and SPFX and everything in between. You'll learn how to transform your current SharePoint 2010 and 2013 workflows into flows running in Power Automate. You'll get hands on experience building a Power Apps canvas app and model app to replace your InfoPath forms and SharePoint custom forms. You'll discover how to create SPFX web parts to finally deploy your custom scripting solutions securely and using proper Software Developer Life Cycle methods. And we will do all this learning with an eye to preparing for the Microsoft certifications that correspond with these topics areas, so that you'll feel confident and prepared to take the exams when you're ready!

Azure Functions vs Azure Logic Apps - Know When to Use Which

Both Azure Functions and Azure Logic Apps are Azure services that enable serverless workloads. Azure Functions is a serverless compute service, whereas Azure Logic Apps is a serverless workflow integration platform. Both can create complex orchestrations.

For Azure Functions, you develop orchestrations by writing code and using the Durable Functions extension. For Azure Logic Apps, you create orchestrations by using a GUI or editing configuration files You can mix and match services when you build an orchestration, such as calling functions from logic app workflows and calling logic app workflows from functions.

We'll demo both of these services and show how to choose when to build each orchestration based on the services' capabilities.

Azure for IT Pros - A Crash Course

Create a SQL database in Azure. Build a serverless function. Deploy a .NET app to Azure DevOps. Secure custom APIs with Microsoft Identity. All of these demos and more will be covered in this fast paced cram session designed to showcase the power of Azure for Microsoft IT Pros.

Power Apps from inside SharePoint

You can easily customize the form for a list created using Microsoft Lists, or a SharePoint document library by opening Power Apps in a browser. You don't need to write traditional code, such as C#, or download another app, such as InfoPath. When you publish your changes, the form is embedded within the list for use by all of its users. In Power Apps, you can also review analytics reports, easily create conditional formatting, and connect to other data sources.

Minimum Path to Awesome - SharePoint Web Parts in a Flash!

In this session we'll show how to download and install a bunch of freely available, custom SharePoint web parts. Free and open source from GitHub, we'll demo the minimum steps needed to download, build and deploy these web parts to your tenant. Along the way we'll introduce GitHub, show what a repo is, show how to clone a repo / download the web part code, and discuss Office UI Fabric Components aka Fluent UI.

Create your first site with Power Pages

Power Pages allows users to create secure, low code business web sites and provides a list of templates to choose from to quickly build your site. We'll demo how to customize and design a new site using the new Power Pages design studio, choose a default template to build your site and how to use scenario-based templates to accelerate creating your site.

Building Bots with the Microsoft Bot Framework

In this session we cover the Microsoft Bot Framework and understand components like dialogs, plan conversational flows, design the user experience, and learn how to use the Bot Framework Composer to create our own custom chat bot.

Intro to AI

A fast paced tour of Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence offerings. We’ll cover QnA Maker, LUIS, Power Virtual Agents and more! We’ll demonstrate integration with SharePoint and show how AI can do things like image recognition and text sentient analysis, ie. “What you talking about, Willis!”

Developing Custom Visuals for Power BI

Power BI visuals are packages that include code for rendering the data served to them and anyone with knowledge of TypeScript can create a custom visual. Learn how to get started with a Power BI custom visual and how to package it as a single .pbiviz file, that can be imported into a Power BI report.

DEV302 - All about the CRUD - Data Operations in SharePoint

This session will deep dive into working with SharePoint content in SharePoint Framework projects. You'll learn about the SharePoint REST API, be able to do all the CRUD (Create Read Update and Delete) operations with a SharePoint list, use the local workbench, and learn about creating mock data with the SharePoint Framework.

From Xamarin to MAUI - Next Level Mobile Development

For old school Xamarin developers and new to mobile development developers alike, this talk is designed to get .NET devs up to speed on the new MAUI framework.

We'll cover how .NET MAUI simplifies the project structure into a single project to target multiple platforms and how you can easily deploy to any target that you wish including your desktop, emulators, simulators, or physical devices with a single click.

We'll cover the built-in cross-platform resources available and show how you will be able to add any images, fonts, or translation files into the single project and also how .NET MAUI will automatically setup native hooks so you can just code.

Learning with Microsoft Learn - Access Free Exam Crams, Hands On Labs, and Azure Sandboxes

Covering all the fantastic and FREE exam prep resources from Microsoft Learn! We'll demo how to use their free Azure Sandbox to create resources like virtual machines and databases in Azure. We'll go through their great step by step tutorials on creating a web app in about 10 minutes and we'll cover the exam crams and online assessments that help test your knowledge and prepare you for the real thing!

On-Demand sessions available from the morning of the Event until 20th Feb 2021

Please see the additional on-demand sessions that we have available throughout the day on the on-demand page (Only available in the Event site, Linked in your Eventbrite notification)

Getting Data from Dataverse inside of Teams

Microsoft Dataverse for Teams delivers a no code / low code out of the box data platform for Microsoft Teams. You get relational data storage, rich data types, enterprise-grade governance, and one-click solution deployment. Dataverse for Teams enables everyone to easily build and deploy apps. Come see what Dataverse for Teams is all about and how to get started building databased apps within Teams.

Intro to Security in Microsoft Teams

Wondering why someone can't unmute? Or why they can? How about why some people can like a message and others can't even get into the meeting? Come to our talk and learn all about the different permissions and other security settings that affect who can do what and when in Teams! Lot of demos and we'll even try to break some things!

Lights & Clockwork - The Ultimate Azure Workshop for SharePoint Professionals

Bewildered by the possibilities in the Microsoft Cloud when it comes to SharePoint? You're not alone.

The Microsoft Cloud brings a huge range of opportunities for how you can leverage Azure with SharePoint.

In this workshop, you will learn how Microsoft Azure fits into your Office 365 and SharePoint world.

From understanding the Azure-based deployment options for SharePoint on-premises to discovering how Azure brings a range of functionality to Office 365, this workshop will walk you through the opportunities that exist to help you get the very best out of the platform.

Topics covered will include:

- An overview of deploying SharePoint to Azure
- Quickly standing up multiple versions of SharePoint in Azure
- Identity Management with Azure AD and Office 365 & SharePoint
- Integrating various Azure service into both SharePoint in Azure as well as SharePoint Online

Not for the faint-hearted, this workshop covers a lot of ground so pack your brains and notepads!

SharePoint Security - Breaking Inheritance

In this talk we go over the basics of SharePoint security, what it is and how it works. We cover customizing security aka breaking inheritance for sub sites, libraries and lists, and individual items and demo several situations to fully understand how security works in SharePoint and what to watch out for.

Train the Trainer: The TechGirlz Team Workshop

This session walks you through the Intro to Collaboration with Microsoft Teams workshop that we run for the organization TechGirlz. You will learn how we run the workshops, the activities involved, the goals and learning objectives and how using Microsoft Teams helps teach collaboration.

Inspiring the Next Generation: Teaching TechGirlz

David and Sarah Patrick will discuss their adventures in teaching young ladies a variety of computer related technologies. Through a program called TechGirlz, David and Sarah have been running workshops designed to inspire the next generation of young women to get and stay interested in STEM, to help bridge the gender gap that exists in these fields today. During the talk, David and Sarah will show off how they were able to incorporate into the TechGirlz workshops the latest Microsoft technologies like Office 365, Kodu, Visual Studio Code, Power Apps and Microsoft Teams, so that the ladies would not only be learning technology, but gaining current, relevant, and valuable skills.

Developing in SharePoint - A Crash Course

A fast paced ride through the land of SharePoint development. The tour will cover everything from No-Code solutions to using JQuery and SPServices to extensions using the new SharePoint Framework and everything else in between!

Turning SharePoint Designer Workflows into Power Automate Flows

We'll go step by step taking an existing SharePoint Designer workflow that sends emails based on a central list that stores feedback from an intranet site and show how to convert this on premises workflow to a cloud based Power Automate Flow! We'll cover a bunch of the options for providing the same functionality as before as well as many new features that exist only in a Power Automate flow.

Power BI vs Tableau - A Side by Side Comparison

Having recently attended the Tableau conference, this session will compare and contrast these two powerful BI tools and showcase their pros and cons. We'll walk through ingesting a data set into each tool and perform several visualizations to see how easy or hard it is to tell our data story.

Intro to Power BI

For anyone new to Power BI, we'll cover all the main features and walk through getting data into the tool (using both the desktop and online versions), creating visualizations, turning them into reports and adding them to dashboards. When we're through we'll have several BI components available to share via the Cloud!

Razor Pages with Entity Framework Core in ASP.NET Core

During this demo heavy talk, we'll cover Razor Pages, the Entity Framework Core, ASP.NET Core, and MVC. We'll show how to use the tools and templates built into Visual Studio to auto create pages to support CRUD (aka scaffolding) and how to use dependency injection to make use of services as needed.

Intro to Dataverse inside of Power Automate

Microsoft Dataverse (formerly known as the Common Data Service) lets you securely store and manage data that's used by business applications. Data within Dataverse is stored within a set of tables (fka entities). A table is a set of records used to store data, just like data is stored within a database.

Learn how Microsoft Dataverse ties into Power Automate. Create a Flow, see what triggers and actions are available and how you can use this all to move data back and forth between environments such as Microsoft Dynamics and SharePoint!

Create a web API with ASP.NET Core MVC

Learn how to building a web API with ASP.NET Core.
We'll demo how to create a web API project, add a model class, and create and register the database context. Then we'll add a controller and CRUD methods. We'll add and configure routing and URL paths. We'll call the web API with Postman and with jQuery. At the end, we will have a web API that can manage "to-do" items stored in a relational database.

Build Your First SharePoint Client-Side Web Part with the SharePoint Framework

Client-side web parts are client-side components that run inside the context of a SharePoint page. Client-side web parts can be deployed to SharePoint Online, SharePoint 2019, or SharePoint 2016. HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JavaScript libraries are used to build these web parts.

In this talk, we'll walk through the process of building a client side web part from the ground up. We'll introduce the pieces and parts of the new SharePoint Framework and we'll also cover what you need to get started and how to set up your development environment.

Big Data in Action: Integrating Hadoop with BI

We will explore delivering a corporate tabular data model that includes a table which sources its data from an optimized Hive query. We will combine a modern data warehouse with a traditional data warehouse data and cloud Big Data to enable data insights. We will use a Azure subscription to create Azure Storage and an Azure HDInsight cluster.

Intro to Azure

An introduction to Azure and the Microsoft Cloud for Developers. We'll discuss how to use Azure VMs as well as creating apps.

Intro to Visual Web Parts

In SharePoint, Web Parts are an essential component of ASP.NET technologies used to present dynamic information to users and are arguably the most common customization created for SharePoint. In this presentation, we discuss and demonstrate how to build a web part using Visual Studio and its visual design tools. We'll create a visual web part and use LINQ to SharePoint to retrieve data from a SharePoint list to be displayed in our new visual web part. We'll then build and deploy our web part to a SharePoint site to see it in action!

SharePoint's Hidden Lists

Ever had a workflow email not get sent? What about a user with full control getting an Access Denied message? The answer to these and other mysteries are revealed in this talk where we explore the hidden lists of SharePoint and how the information in these lists can help solves problems like unsent emails from workflow notifications. We'll also show how issues with these lists can cause invalid access permissions and other issues and we'll discuss how to identify and address these problems.

Scaling the SharePoint Development Landscape

Interested in getting started with SharePoint development but not sure where to begin? This talk will dig into the many tools and technologies available to the budding SharePoint developer. From so called "No Code Solutions" to the recently released SharePoint Framework, we'll dive into each methodology and discuss the extension points, the technologies involved, and artifacts that can be created. We'll cover SharePoint integration with .NET, C#, Client Side Object Model, Server Side Object Model, Node.js, NPM, React, Angular and more! We show you how to create Web Parts, Delegates and Event Receivers, just to name a few.

SELECT * FROM SharePoint

Ever want to know how many Tasks are assigned each day? How about the last modified document for each user? Sure, some of these can be answered by a view, but what if you are exploring your data? Do you keep creating new views? There is a better way! We'll show you how to create business intelligence using tools you already have, like Excel and Access. We'll connect to SharePoint document libraries and lists and query them like any other data table. We'll show you how to connect to lists like Tasks, Announcements and even Surveys!

SharePoint and Azure - How to Jump Start SharePoint Development Fast and Easy with Cloud Power!

This presentation shows how to use Azure Virtual Machines for hosting a SharePoint 2013 and 2016 farm in the cloud! We will demo how to get started with Azure using Dev Essentials, a free offering from Microsoft for developers to get started with developing on Azure, and we'll show several ways to get a SharePoint farm up and running using the SharePoint farm wizard in Azure. Once we have our SharePoint 2013 farm up and running, we will demo adding an Azure based virtual machine to our SharePoint 2013 farm, and then install SharePoint 2016 on it, to give us both a SharePoint 2013 and 2016 farm in the cloud!

Intro to Machine Learning with ML.NET

Come and get immersed into the world of machine learning with this introduction and demonstration of to ML.NET. We'll show how to create an app that can predict the type of iris flower based on features such as petal length. We'll show how to download and install ML.NET, create a data set, write the required c# code and run the finished app.

Intro to Azure for SharePoint Geeks

Wondering what Azure could possibly have for you as a SharePoint geek? Come to this session to find out what Azure is and how it can offer benefits to the SharePoint geek in all of us.

3 Ways for Getting Data from SharePoint : SSIS, Excel and Access

Need to report on some data from SharePoint? We will look at three different techniques to pull data from a SharePoint Server. We will start with SSIS and the SharePoint List Source and Destinations. Next, We will use Excel to connect to various SharePoint lists (both online and on premise), and finally We will use Microsoft Access to do the same thing (and throw in the capability to do updates as well). At the end of the talk, We will have three different ways to get data from SharePoint.

Microsoft and Big Data - An Overview of the Power Tools and more!

Come see Microsoft's Power tools demonstrated for advanced analytics and hear about Microsoft's embrace of Open Source and the Hadoop platform. We'll present on Microsoft's "power" tools for Business Intelligence, Power BI, Power Pivot, Power Query, Power View, and Power Map presenting using Power Point (and lots of demos!).

Intro to Azure and Cloud Computing

An introduction to Azure and the Microsoft Cloud for Developers. We'll discuss how to use Azure VMs as well as creating apps.

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Microsoft Ignite The Tour DC 2020

Inspiring the Next Generation: Teaching TechGirlz

David and Sarah Patrick will discuss their adventures in teaching young ladies a variety of computer related technologies. Through a program called TechGirlz, David and Sarah have been running workshops designed to inspire the next generation of young women to get and stay interested in STEM, to help bridge the gender gap that exists in these fields today. During the talk, David and Sarah will show off how they were able to incorporate into the TechGirlz workshops the latest Microsoft technologies like Office 365, Kodu, Visual Studio Code, Power Apps and Microsoft Teams, so that the ladies would not only be learning technology, but gaining current, relevant, and valuable skills.

February 2020 Washington, Washington, D.C., United States

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October 2019 Malvern, Pennsylvania, United States

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September 2019

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BRK2131 - Driving Adoption and Usage with OneDrive: You've deployed it, but can you get folks to use it?

Did you know that the average company has three to six different products end users have installed that do pretty much the same thing as your corporate standard app? Why? Lack of change management and understanding end users. In this session we look at end users' fear of change, the importance of a change management plan, and tips and tricks on getting end users to adopt software and actually use it. Hear from corporate trainers, change management professionals, and see examples from real customers of how they achieved roll-out success and usage.

Guest Speaker - David Patrick

September 2018 Orlando, Florida, United States

Microsoft Ignite 2018


PRE08 - OneDrive for Business Deep Dive- From Start To Finish
Speakers: Stephen Rose, Jason Moore, David Patrick, Mike Maadarani, Noorez Khamis, LeAndra Jordan, Heather Fitzpatrick Severino

This full-day workshop outlines all you need to know to adopt OneDrive and drive usage and adoption, enabling collaboration and teamwork. We cover how to best plan, deploy, manage and secure OneDrive

September 2018 Orlando, Florida, United States


July 2018 Philadelphia, Mississippi, United States

SharePoint Conference 2018

OneDrive from Start to Finish
Stephen Rose, David Patrick,
Mike Maadarani, Noorez Khamis,
LeAndra Jordan,
Heather Fitzpatrick Severino

May 2018 Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

philly.NET Code Camp 2018.1

March 2018 Malvern, Arkansas, United States

David Patrick


Aberdeen, Maryland, United States