Alexander Pushkarev

Information & Communications Technology

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Cambridge, England, United Kingdom

Alexander Pushkarev

Senior Software Engineer at Xilinx, Cambride, UK

With more than 10 years in IT, I had a chance to work in different areas, such as development, testing and management. I had a chance to work with PHP, Java, Python and .Net platforms with different application from microservices to monolithic and monstrous desktop UI applications.

With such a wide background I decided to focus on things that help to deliver high-quality software, starting from inception and all the way to operation.
Currently, I am holding the position of Senior Software Engineer, but I prefer to consider myself a full-stack engineer.

My major areas of interests:
- Effective test automation approaches
- Test automation framework architecture
- Data analysis
- DevOps

My passions are quality and efficiency. Agile fan and XP practitioner.

Current sessions

Tao DevOps

Let’s put our laptops aside and forget about Docker updates. Close your eyes and listen to the tale of DevOps culture, a story that occured in a pretty unusual place – in an airplane cockpit during a plane crash.

We will find out that, as with pretty much every new field today, DevOps appeared before the term ‘DevOps’ was coined. So why did this happen? Why does DevOps have such a profound effect on product quality and development effectiveness?

Let’s look at the DevOps phenomenon from the perspective of a test-focused developer and development-focused tester.
-Which tools are the most important in DevOps?
-What is DevOps at its core?
-What is Tao of DevOps and is it possible to find zen with it?

Clean Infrastructure: journey towards clean and testable Continuous Delivery pipeline - Clean Arch

Test engineers write a lot of code to support their testing activities. However, this code tends to be not very clean or testable itself. It creates lots of fraction and prevents Test engineers from doing their best.

While it may be relatively straightforward how Test Automation code can be done clean, tested and testable, Continuous Delivery code organization is less obvious.

Let's us hear the story about reimplementing a very complex and obscure Jenkins Continuous Delivery Pipeline code in a clean way and find what may be the general principles of making a Clean Infrastructure.

Test automation, Unicorns and other things that do not exist

10 years ago we were told that "Manual Testing" is going to go away. Now, Artificial Intelligence is going to make testers redundant "for certain". We all love and use automation and tools, yet, industry most prominent experts are certainly pushing back "rush for the total automation".

Lets try to sort things out - where those scepticism is coming from?

To understand that, we will have to imagine a driver of a "self-driving" car, a passenger of a plane with a broken "autopilot". And remember what Grandpa Turing told us about algorithms.

Workshop: Building an effective test automation

There're lots of "best practices" for test automation, like Test Pyramid, Page Object Model, Layered frameworks but still test automation initiatives fail to deliver expected results.

There're lots of test automation specialists, but yet, not everybody knows why test automation was launched on their project in the first place.

There're probably two extreme viewpoints on Test Automation - test automation as a way to assure quality and test automation as a way to drive development. Knowing that we're all living in a real-world with limited time and resources - can we imagine something in the middle?

Let's us go through 50 shades of test automation efficiency and learn to find our way towards our goal.

-Decision-making framework to make sufficient (adequate) test coverage for top-to-bottom (from unit to UI) and bottom-to-top (from UI to unit) test automation.

-Understanding (on practice example) the effect that application architecture has on test automation and a way to increase test automation efficiency.

Alex's quest for quality

Quality remains a bit controversial topic. What is even more controversial, though, is the what testing has to do with the quality. Throughout my career, I was lucky (or not so lucky) to work as Tester, SDET and developer, and I may have very bad news for you.

Surprising, only after moving into Development role I was actually able to (efficiently) improve the quality of the product. There were quite a few lessons learned, and some scientific research performed.

I would like to share my experience and findings and suggest what it may mean for Testers and the industry in general.

1) Development team, approach and techniques are the main source of quality (or issues with quality) for a product
2) Holistic view on the product delivery and role of testing in it: Testing as a part of QA, which is a part of Risk Management, which is a part of...
3) Learning path to stay competitive in the world with the decreasing demand for testers

Test Automation Architecture

Usually, when people think about test automation they tend to think about test automation tools, such as Selenium, Cypress, or RestAssured. What is often missed is that tools themselves are of little value unless they are built into working, efficient, and maintainable test automation solutions.

In this report, we shall explore three proven test automation solution architecture patterns – each with its benefits and drawback.
We will see:
1) what factors can influence automation architecture choices and
2) if there’re any kind of universal patterns that can be used for different types of the product under test
3) what is Clean Architecture in relation to test automation solutions

Past and future events

Test Automation and Digital QA Virtual Summit, UK & Ireland

Online event
11 Mar - 12 Mar 2021

BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT SIGIST event

"What does testing mean today?" - panel discussion
20 Oct 2020


Online event
16 Oct 2020

COMAQA Autumn Minsk 2019

24 Oct - 26 Oct 2019
Minsk, Minsk City, Belarus

COMAQA Autumn Piter 2019

11 Oct - 12 Oct 2019
Saint Petersburg, St.-Petersburg, Russia


9 Oct - 10 Oct 2019
Riga, Latvia

ITechForum 2019

27 Aug 2019
Minsk, Minsk City, Belarus

Comaqa Spring 2019

26 Apr - 27 Apr 2019
Minsk, Minsk City, Belarus

DevOps Pro 2018

13 Nov - 15 Nov 2018
Moscow, Russia


3 Oct - 4 Oct 2018
Riga, Latvia

TestCon Moscow 2018

18 Apr - 19 Apr 2018
Moscow, Russia

Comaqa Spring 2018

10 Mar - 11 Mar 2018
Minsk, Minsk City, Belarus

DelEx 2018

17 Feb 2018
Minsk, Minsk City, Belarus

Comaqa Summer 2017

23 Sep 2017
Minsk, Minsk City, Belarus