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Marthe Moengen

Marthe Moengen

Data Analyst at Sopra Steria

Oslo, Norway

Like Beyonce but in tech. Power BI geek, and Data Governance enthusiast from Oslo!


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Women in Tech: Keys to a Successful Career

Your career is a journey that is unique to you, but that doesn't mean you don't have shared experiences. Join a panel of women data professionals for an open discussion on their winding career paths, how they got here, and where they're heading next. We'll talk about what it's like to be a woman in tech, what worked for them, and how building a strong network of people to be in your corner can help you achieve your goals.

Being a young woman in tech - what have I learned?

Starting out in the workforce as a young techy can for sure be challenging. Being a woman on top of that has provided some interesting experiences. In this talk, I want to share some of my learning points and key takeaways from my journey so far. The tips I wished someone had given me prior to my embarkation in my new Data Engineer role. Join me to learn from these key takeaways that do not only benefit young women but anyone navigating the world of tech, whether you are an old or young soul.

Considerations of a Power BI Report Development Process

You’re looking to start or improve on the Power BI Report development process in your organization, but you’re not sure what a Development Process in Power BI is, or you’re wondering why you should even care.
If you are new to developing Power BI Reports or starting to see reports in your organization that are slow, duplicated or not in use, while the number of reports is increasing, you are probably in need of a Report Development Process.
In this session, we will look at some of the questions you should ask yourself when setting up a Power BI Report Development process. We’ll start with a dataset and a use case, and work our way through the development of a report with discussions and demos.

We will be covering four major topics:
Requirement gathering techniques
Data modelling approaches
Report optimization

At the end of the day, you will better understand what you need to consider and evaluate for your reports to ensure that they are trustworthy, user-friendly, answer the right questions, and are high performing!

Data Management: Unlock the Full Potential of Data Assets

Data management is a critical component of modern businesses and organizations. With the increasing amount of data being generated and collected by companies, effective data management has become more important than ever before. But what is it?

In this session, we will take a look at what Data Management actually entails. Is it the governance of data, digging into roles, processes and policies? Is it the storage, retrieval and transformation of data? Or is it about the technology components? We all agree that Data Management is important, so let us try and demystify the somewhat fuzzy term to better understand how to increase the value of our data.

Power BI Datamart - What, How and Why?

In this short session, we will go through the what, how and why of Power BI Datamarts.

We will introduce this feature briefly before going through a demo to show the ETL, modelling and ad hoc query tool that datamarts enable. To end the session we will have a look at when you should, and when you should not use Power BI Datamarts

Building trust in your data. Why data governance is the key to success.

Data governance is seen as boring and something you don't really need. But it is in fact the key to success for your data platform. As the amount of data sources, as well as the size of the data from the various sources increases - how can your users know what data is available? Or where to find it and what state it is in? When your users trust the data you deliver, they will use what you develop.
Another aspect to that trust is personal identifiable information - can citizens trust that you keep their data safe and respect their privacy?
This session will show you how to establish both kinds of trust, using Azure native tooling as well as third-party tools. But most importantly - tips on methodology, routines and people!

Power BI Service - how to make the most of it!

Do you consider yourself a Power BI developer, but cannot quite get your head around Power BI Service? This SaaS tool will help you consume and share content and insights. It even contains features for data transformation and report creation. But if you can create reports directly in Power BI Service, why do you need Power BI Desktop? How can you create, share, and consume business insights most effectively with Power BI Service?

In this session, we will take a look at the Power BI Service-specific features, and dig into how Power BI Service can improve the performance of how you consume, create and share business insights. What features should you take advantage of in your ETL process, and what is the difference in datasets, dataflows and datamarts? We will also see how you can enable non-technical report developers through Power BI Service, and become a true Power BI hero!

Power BI Dataflows - why should you care?

Power BI Service is providing new solutions and ways to solve challenges. One of those features is Power BI Dataflows. So what is that, and why should you care?

In this session, we will take a look at the Power BI Service-specific feature dataflows, and dig into how dataflows can improve the performance of how you consume, create and share business insights. What is the difference between dataflows and Power Query, how can you use dataflows to enable non-technical report developers and are there any AI features you can take advantage of?

The Future of Data Analytics: Adapting to the Shifting Technology Landscape

In May, Microsoft unleashed a game-changing force upon the analytics world with the introduction of Microsoft Fabric. This groundbreaking technology has been hailed as a paradigm shift, completely transforming the landscape of data-driven analytics. Are you ready to embark on this revolution?

Join me in this transformative session as we dive deep into the disruptive power of Microsoft Fabric and explore how it revolutionizes how we approach analytics. What are the key features and capabilities that make Fabric a catalyst for change in the technology landscape? Why is this so revolutionary? And what characterizes disruptive technology? When should you jump on the wave and take action, and when should you not?

Moreover, we'll address the pressing question of how to ensure preparedness in the face of these revolutions. Keeping up with the rapidly changing technology landscape can take time and effort. We will share strategies and insights on how to navigate this new era effectively. Discover how to streamline adoption, maximize benefits, and make the journey smoother for your organization.

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Marthe Moengen

Data Analyst at Sopra Steria

Oslo, Norway