Dan Siegel

Dan Siegel

Microsoft MVP - Prism Maintainer

Coxen Hole, Honduras


Dan is a Microsoft MVP, an avid OSS Contributor and Author best known as for his work as a maintainer of the immensely popular Prism Library. He is a Consultant specializing in Cloud, Mobile and DevOps with perhaps one of the most unique backgrounds of any programmer you'll ever meet. He loves to share his passion for developing mobile apps with developers around the world, and is the organizer of the Xamarin Developer Summit.

In those arguably rare moments he's not busy slinging code you may find him out Scuba Diving, Off-Roading or through hiking in the remote wilderness.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Xamarin
  • Xamarin.Forms
  • Mobile Development
  • DevOps & Automation
  • Prism
  • MVVM
  • Xamarin Forms - MAUI
  • Mobile Testing
  • Automated Testing
  • WinUI
  • Uno Platform
  • MSBuild

Building and Securing an AI Powered Chat Application in Azure

This is an advanced workshop focussed on the key technical challenges of building a distributed chat application that is secured using MSAL and includes an assistant powered by Azure AI (ChatGPT). The application will be made available across multiple platforms, leveraging the Uno Platform, and will persist messages in Azure, as well as locally in the application, allowing offline access to the message history.

The core learnings for the workshop:
- Creating a multi-platform application using the Uno Platform
- Designing a chat style interface in XAML or C# by importing code from Figma
- Authenticating application users using MSAL
- Authorizing calls to a .NET web api using MSAL
- Persist messages in Azure CosmosDB for chat history retrieval
- Offline message caching in the application using local storage
- Azure AI integration to implement assistant using ChatGPT completion

What you don't know about MSBuild can hurt you

MSBuild is at the core of every .NET Build. Developers most painful moments are often felt because of a general lack of understanding what MSBuild is and how to work with it. Join us for an overview of one of the least talked about and most important topics for .NET developers.

This session will supercharge your understanding of how MSBuild works. You'll walk away with an understanding of both what the elements in a PropertyGroup and ItemGroup are, and how to leverage these. Additionally we'll look at how to write both inline and compiled MSBuild tasks that you can use for your own MSBuild targets, as well as how to include these in your own NuGet packages. After attending this session you'll empowered by MSBuild save time and reduce the amount of custom scripts you need to write for CI/CD.

Prism and Uno Platform a match made in heaven!

Prism has been a fan favorite within the WPF community for well over a decade. From mission critical emergency services to financial services, there isn't an industry that hasn't benefited from helping developers deliver highly modular, highly testable, apps that are easier to maintain. In this talk we'll look at how you can now use the tried and true Prism Library to build your apps with Uno Platform and reach target platforms like iOS, Android, macOS, UWP, Linux, Web Assembly and more!
You'll get to learn how Prism for Uno Platform will help you:
- Write modular apps
- Apply the MVVM Design pattern to your Uno Platform app
- Add custom Dialogs
- Use Prism's RegionManager to build dynamic experiences

Revitalize Your Legacy Apps with Prism 9.0

Do you find yourself grappling with the constraints of legacy WPF applications in a world that's quickly embracing cross-platform solutions? Are you searching for a seamless pathway to modernize your apps without losing the core business logic you've spent years perfecting? The release of Prism 9.0 offers a golden opportunity to breathe new life into your legacy projects.

In this engaging session, we'll explore the transformative features of Prism 9.0 that pave the way for revitalizing your existing WPF applications. This major update includes support for .NET MAUI and Uno 5.0, but what truly sets it apart is the centralization of APIs for Region Navigation and Dialogs within Prism.Core. This means your business logic is no longer tied to WPF, granting you the freedom to transition to other platforms effortlessly.

Topics we'll cover include:

What's new in Prism 9.0: A detailed look at the key updates, with a focus on .NET MAUI and Uno 5.0.
The Power of Prism.Core: How the centralized APIs create a platform-agnostic foundation for your business logic.
Seamless Migration: A step-by-step guide to moving your legacy WPF projects to Prism 9.0.
By the end of this session, you'll come away with:

A concrete plan for migrating your legacy WPF apps to Prism 9.0.
Strategies for developing business logic that can be shared across multiple platforms.
Insights into how Prism 9.0 opens doors to new ecosystems without the need for re-inventing the wheel.
Don't let your legacy apps lag behind in the fast-paced world of modern development. Join us to discover how Prism 9.0 can revitalize your projects and extend their reach into new and exciting platforms.

Design to Deployment: A Live Coding Journey from Concept to Deployment

In today's fast-paced development environment, agility is key. From concept to deployment, every minute counts. How do you streamline this process while ensuring quality and functionality? Enter Uno Platform with a toolset built for rapid development and seamless integration. In this high-octane session, we'll walk you through a live coding journey that starts with a Figma design and ends with a deployed application, all pushed through a GitHub-triggered CI build.

Topics we'll cover include:

- The limitations of traditional development workflows and how Uno Platform circumvents them.
- A real-time demonstration of turning Figma designs into a functional application using Uno Platform.
- An overview of integrating GitHub and setting up a CI build to automate deployment.

Join us to discover a new paradigm in app development, where your designs swiftly move from concept to deployed product, thanks to the powerful tooling of Uno Platform and the automation capabilities of CI/CD pipelines.

Dan Siegel

Microsoft MVP - Prism Maintainer

Coxen Hole, Honduras


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