Unified Governance in Microsoft Fabric

With Microsoft Fabric, a new era has started in which more users will have all kinds of data workloads at their disposal. A vast variety of workloads like data ingestion, engineering all the way to modeling, visualizing and distribution of these artifacts all in one unified SaaS platform.

Coming from a Power BI world, various aspects like workspaces might be familiar to the Fabric experience. But with the growing ask for data tools and the introduction of Microsoft Fabric, governance on your platform has never been more important.

During this session we will explore a unified governance setup across all your analytics tools in Microsoft Fabric. Topics like data-mesh and domain structures, tenant configurations, lineage and above all compliancy and auditability will be discussed.

After this session, you will be able to
- Make the right considerations when it comes to governance structure in Microsoft Fabric
- Configure data-mesh patterns in Microsoft Fabric
- Have a comprehensive overview of your Fabric artifacts and how they relate
- Use out of the box functionality to monitor and audit your Fabric tenant

Marc Lelijveld

Data Platform MVP | Technical Evangelist | Solution Architect Data Solutions & Insights

Haastrecht, The Netherlands


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