Using Source Control To Open Up A World Of Community and Collaboration

Git is the backbone of the modern IT world. It powers the massive open source community. It powers organizations large and small. It powers DevOps. It powers development.

So let me give you a fundamental working of Git and open up a world of collaboration and community.

By the end of this talk the attendees will have an understanding of:

* What version control is;
* What Git is and what tools you need to use;
* Who uses Git;
* Why you need to get on the Git horse;
* Essential Git commands;
* Working with GitHub / GitLab;
* How to successfully contribute to open source projects;
* Why open source is important;

While this talk uses PowerShell to demonstrate some points you don't need an understanding of it. This talk is around Git and why you should use it, whatever language you use!

This presentation is a mix of slides and demos.

This presentation is focused on those roles that have been traditionally not considered as developer roles. These roles are probably the most remote from the open source community and are not used to working collaboratively on open source projects.

Paul Broadwith

Supreme Commander and MVP

Glasgow, United Kingdom

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