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Jason Horner

Global Thought Leader and International Man of Leisure

Hi, my name is Jason I'm a Independent consultant and trainer focused on the Azure Data Platform. I spend most of my day helping clients solve business problems mostly in the Data and Advanced Analytics spaces. Sometimes this involves various and sundry cloud technologies including Azure Data Factory, Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Lake Store, Azure Databricks, HDInsight and Azure SQL Database. I'm fluent in several languages including: SQL, C#, Python, and PowerShell.

I'm a Microsoft Certified Master of SQL Server (MCM) and have been recognized for my technical excellence and evangelism efforts by Microsoft by being previously awarded the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for the 6 years.

I'd love to speak at your upcoming event or user group don't hesitate to email me or reach out on linkedIn or twitter.

In my off hours I like to snowboard, karaoke, ride roller coasters and play arcade games

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Current sessions

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Data Warehouses

Many Data Warehouses fail to live up to the business user's expectations. Data Warehouses can suffer from a variety of problems including distrust in the data, Taking too long to implement

slow performance, and lack of discoverability. In this session, we explore the seven habits that will help ensure that your data warehouse is used and loved by end-users.

Real-World Data Movement and Orchestration Patterns using Azure Data Factory V2

In this session, we will start with an overview of Azure Data Factory V2 concepts, then show you how you can use metadata to quickly build scalable serverless pipelines to move data from disparate data sources including On-Premises and Platform As A Service. Next, we will look at how to integrate the solution using continuous integration and deployment techniques. Finally, we will look at how to schedule, monitor and log our solution.
Whether you are just getting started with Azure Data Factory or looking to make your current data factory robust and enterprise-ready this session will take you to the next level.

Real-World Azure Data Lake Design and Implementation patterns for success

A poorly designed data lake can be hinder adoption and cause limitless frustration to end users. Come join Jason and as he unlocks the secrets to a well-designed data lake.

ARM Yourself: A beginners guide to using ARM Templates

The cloud provides agility but if you are manually creating resources via the portal or even if you are using PowerShell you may not be taking advantage of the best way to deploy resources to Azure. ARM Templates take a declarative approach that is critical for implementing repeatable and automated deploys. Leveraging ARM templates can move you from a DevOps Dreamer to a DevOps Doer.

Azure Analytics Platform Quickstart

Are you struggling to get your analytics and data projects started on Azure? Overwhelmed by where to start or which services to choose? This hands-on session is for you. We will start with a brief overview of the Azure platform, followed by a complete guide through getting an environment set up. Along the way
, we'll answer your questions, talk about specific pitfalls and decisions, and ensure you are able to continue to build on your newly acquired knowledge.

Dimensional Modeling Design Patterns: Beyond Basics

This session will provide a deeper dive into the art of dimensional modeling. We will look at the different types of fact tables and dimension tables, how and when to use them. We will also some approaches to creating rich hierarchies that make reporting a snap. This session promises to be very interactive and engaging, bring your toughest Dimensional Modeling quandaries.notepad++

Jason On JSON

JSON is all around us in the systems we use every day. Many systems use it for configuration, data interchange and logging. SQL server 2016 introduced native support for JSON, but when should we use this new capability? and how can we ensure optimal performance? Join Microsoft Master of SQL Server Jason Horner as we look at the basics of JSON and how to query, transform, and store it. Whether you are working with a data warehouse or transactional processing system working with sql server on premises or in the cloud. This session will get you up to speed.

Data Lake Design Patterns

Data lakes have been around for several years and there is still much hype and hyperbole surrounding their use. This session covers the basic design patterns and architectural principles to make sure you are using the data lake and underlying technologies effectively. We will cover things like best practices for data ingestion and recommendations on file formats as well as designing effective zones and folder hierarchies to prevent the dreaded data swamp. We’ll also discuss how to consume and process data from a data lake. And we will cover the often overlooked areas of governance and security best practices. This session goes beyond corny puns and broken metaphors and provides real-world guidance from dozens of successful implementations in Azure.

Back the Truck Up: Data Loading Design Patterns for Azure Synapse Analytics

Azure Synapse Analytics recently released to much fanfare but just what makes this right platform for your data loading and processing? Is the whole greater than the sum of its parts? This session will cover a brief overview into the basic components and synapse architectural concepts. We then look at code-free ETL orchestration and how to work with the embedded spark engine directly. Along the way, we also cover some of the best practices around table design and data cleansing, enrichment and loading.

A head first dive into azure synapse sql serverless pools

Want to party at the lakehouse but can’t climb over the brick wall?  Do you need to explore data or perform large scale transformations on CSV JSON or Parquet stored in azure storage as part of your ETL / ELT process?Serverless SQL pools are a query service over the data in your data lake. It enables you to access your data through the existing tools and the robust T-SQL language you are using today. Since it is a scalable and elastic serverless, pay as you go service, it scales to meet your needs at a low cost.  Learn how to leverage the power of serverless pools to help solve your toughest data exploration and transformation challenges.

Past and future events

SQLBITS 2020 - Azure Data Lake Design Patterns

presented talk on Azure Data Lake
12 Nov - 14 Nov 2020

Colorado Springs SQL User Group

presented Jason on JSON
11 Nov 2020

SLC SQL Server Users Group - Azure Data Factory Overview

presenting an overview of Azure Data Factory
15 Oct 2020

SLC SQL Server Users Group - Azure Analytics Quickstart

presented Azure Analytics quickstart session
17 Sep 2020