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Mike Martin

Mike Martin

Dad, Husband, Geek, NumberGirl, msft technical evangelist, #Azure Lover and ex MVP, wall crawler, #Batman fan, Caring Community Member

Sint-Gillis-Waas, Belgium

As a Microsoft Technical Evangelist, Mike is an Azure goto for ISV’s (independent software vendors). He’s been active in the IT industry for more than 20 years and has performed almost all types of job profiles, going from coaching and leading a team to architecting and systems design and training. Today he’s primarily into the Microsoft Cloud Platform and Application Lifecycle Management. He’s not a stranger to both dev and IT Pro topics, they even call him the perfect hybrid solution.

In January 2012 he became a crew member of AZUG, the Belgian Microsoft Azure User Group. As an active member he’s both involved in giving presentations and organizing events (like ITProceed, Techorama and Global Azure Bootcamp aka GAB). Mike was also a Microsoft Azure MVP (awarded 5 times since 2013, received his Fifth in July 2017! ) and Microsoft Azure Advisor.

Helping out in the community and introducing new & young people into the world of Microsoft and technology is also one of his passions.


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  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Microsoft
  • Azure
  • Azure App Service
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Cloud Computing on the Azure Platform
  • Azure DevOps
  • GitHub
  • GitHub Advanced Security
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1,2,3 … testing : is this thing on(line)? Meet your new Microsoft Testing tools.

Is your environment acting the way you intended it to be, as in do your users see what you wanted them to see?
Is your app breaking under stress or even worse going down when components are acting up (or down in this case)?
In the past people were using Azude Devops Load Testing and related. But we all know some of these services have been deprecated. In this session you will be guided though all the options you have today lining out all the testing capabilities you have in the Microsoft Coding Universe.
Let’s take a stroll through the various options for load, chaos and automated testing in all things Microsoft devops and Azure. In doing so you will get to learn which services to use to improve reliability, performance usability and resilience of the applications you are building.
Note: testing includes Chaos Studio, Playwright, Azure Load Testing and more

Scared, Lost and Hungover - an introduction to conferences speaking

Lets take the stage! In this session Karl-Henrik and Mike will go through everything from how you get accepted to your first conferences, how you create a session people might not fall asleep by and all the way down to how to position yourself on stage and look like you know what you are doing.

From this session You will (hopefully) take away a greater knowledge of public speaking and have more excitement for public speaking! Come join us and let's take the stage!

Ride the Lightning : WAF and the Azure Advisor

What do theses 2 have in common?

Ride the Lightning : Azure, the Windows Admin Center and Arc

see some of this in action from Windows Admin Center

Ride the Lightning : Azure Security Center

the gain you have with Azure Security Center and who can benefit from it.

Ride the Lightning : Azure Spring Cloud

the gain you can have as a developer from Azure Spring Cloud

Ride the Lightning : Azure Devops Starters

the gain you can have from Azure Devops Starter Projects

Ride the Lightning : A little gem called Azure Storage Static Websites

get static really fast , like lightning fast with Azure Storage.

Portal : Reloaded

You are AzAdm, and are subject and challenged to tasks by ACorp, a corporation willing to move to Azure. For these tasks to succeed you need to solve deployment and management tasks. This session will show the secret weapon you can use for this challenge: a portal with all it’s features and hidden gems to help you.

Failure is not an option : design for failure

we live in times where may of us are cloud building, sometimes even just cloud moving. This session will handle design for failure from an azure perspective in regards to architecture on a solution level and certain patterns. This session is not on microservices design (although it can be part of it) but rather on aspects of resilience, scalability, health and high availability.

we'll see how you can leverage some services in the Azure platform to help you , but also some reference architectures and best practices (+ tips on how to improve after the facts)

Azure and VS Code, a match made in heaven!

As a developer, lightweight is a new given, just as choice also is a given! Microsoft made a lot of effort for creating lightweight tools, which are multi platform. Code is one of them and it allows you to manage your Azure Environment as well as develop for it.

The Toolshed: Inside Microsoft Azure TOOLS: Your daily hammers

Visual Studio, MSFT’s flagship tool is available for almost every purpose now and people just love it. With it came the new release of the online version and also one for Microsoft Azure integrated in Azure App Services (“Monaco”). This doesn’t make the choice of tooling easier on all of us. And thus maybe it’s about time to take a look what we can do with all the available tools and which tools are your best tools of the trade. And is there such a thing as “One Tool to rule’em all”? This session will hopefully enlighten your path to Microsoft Azure Tooling (for Dev, IT Pro and asset Management)

SMALL NOTE: this session isn’t sponsored although it’s mostly about partner solutions! Although we mention Visual Studio, this talk is more about the 3rd party tools than it is about the Redmondian solution.Some free software may be included.

Fire in the hole!

Workshop on securing you azure resources, with hands on information on how to do Secure Devops and Secure Management, implementing monitoring and how to auto create counter measures, implement best security practices.

Enter The Matrix: Securing Azure’s assets

In the cloud no one can hear you scream… or can they. Even though Microsoft has a tremendous army of gadgets (besides the sharks with freakin lasers that is) in place for defending your environments, sometimes you need that additional little thing. The goal of the session is to provide you some guidance and an overview of Azure’s security measures, either out of the box activated or the additional ones you can foresee. Next to that you’ll get an idea on how to monitor and react to threats that have been noticed or unnoticed. Expect some PowerShell, Azure architecture, and service tweaks which can help you settle at ease in your new condominium with panic room.
Alternative titles:
o Putting a moat around your Azure services (or a moat filled with sharks)

Creating Your Own API-ness: Azure Toolmaking 101

Who remembers Azure as just Azure Fabric Controller, before the 5 graphical revolutions? In the old days there was nothing but development. No UI, just you, an IDE and Red Dog …. Today a vast army of graphical tools can guide you to manage your assets. But what if you want just that little bit different? Or more automated creation? Or just your own dashboards? Well there’s good news for you … the REST API’s, the SDK’s, and the Management Libraries give you this freedom to create your own. And the best of all is … it comes in different language flavors. So let’s take back control … old skool!! If that doesn’t make you API 

Azure and VS Code, a match made in heaven!

As a developer, lightweight is a new given, just as choice also is a given! Microsoft made a lot of effort for creating lightweight tools, which are multi platform. Code is one of them and it allows you to manage your Azure environment as well as develop for it.

Lights, Camera, Action - Microsoft Azure Media Services on the Loose

You just cannot imagine the Web without audio and video services. Up until now, if you want to include streaming media content in your websites or applications, you need to rely on third party services or massive computing capacity for media transcoding, and streaming to a range of client devices. With the release of Microsoft Azure Media Services and the Media Services SDK, these capabilities are becoming easily available for you to incorporate in your websites and applications. In this session we'll give an overview of Microsoft Azure Media Services, and you'll learn from a series of demos how you can take advantage of the platform to add media content to your development. We'll also see what the competition has in store and what's missing.

The Azure Cloud 3 Step Theorem

We all know that Azure is a multi-headed beast which can either be tamed or grow wild on you, your choice. But where do we start? And I do mean literally… where do we start looking on deciding which architecture that we’re going to need on our quest for glory. This decision session will guide you in your first steps on how to go from Minimal Control to Full Control but also with all the caveats mentioned. We’ll talk about on deciding on whether to use Azure App Service Platform, Azure Micro-service enablers (Service Fabric and good old Cloud Services) or Azure’s pure VM’s compute power and your use for scalable architectures.

Azure Hidden Gems: the ghost track

Azure is comparable to an LP (and those not old enough to know this: a full CD or full Spotify Album). But great albums also come with what we call ghost tracks. Numbers not mentioned in the leaflet aka album inlay aka track list, but still they appear out of the blue, totally hidden in the end of the album. As many software and platforms do, even Azure has its part of hidden little gems and secrets. This lightweight session will show you some Easter eggs, tools hidden in plain sight and information useful for your daily ops. Don’t expect flight simulators, but expect some other things .

TMT, as in Threat Modeling Tool, not Teenage Mutant Turtles

Doing Azure development is easy, doing secure development from an architectural point of view isn't. this session is on the vNext of the Microsoft Threat Modeling Tool, a free MSFT to help you on your SDL and more important SecOps lifecycle. SDL, ninja style!

The Fifth Element : Azure Secure Devops

In the 21st Century the Cyber Universe is threatened by Evil Source Code and Evil entities. The only hope for many developers is the Fifth Element : the Sec in Devops, which must be implemented side by side with the Four elementals : Code, Build, Test , Deploy. A Microsoft Service is bringing the Four Elements but can the Fifth be included, and will it save us from disaster?

Let us see how we can leverage Microsoft product in combination with industry standards and protocols and 3rd party tools al over the full flow of your DevOps and ALM structure.

Cloudvoyance: monitoring with Azure

Monitoring is relevant, but mostly only done … after the facts. Azure provides in a lot of good monitoring tools on several levels. Using this correctly and getting a good overview is something you need to learn. This session will explain what the features are out of the box, how to build custom dashboards and how one can use correlated intelligence (and even automate on that). Topics handled are at Azure , OMS , and more …

Platform Agnostics: Benefitting Azure Build In Tooling From EIther OS, An OSS Perspective.

Most OSS development can be found in the space of hosting web applications (php, wp, java, etc...) and most of you are using either an IIS or Apache webserver, which you can tweak very well. But what to do when using PaaS and you want to get insights on your infra structure that way? Then this session is for you. Get to know the tools and tricks you need to get insights on your OSS web apps.
This is a longer version of my TD UK online session in 2017
Alternative Title : Gain profit from azure app service tooling as an OSS developer.

Micros …. err Microcosmos: the take on Azure, Nano and containers

It has evolved. We went from client to client-server to services, and with that we went from hardware to virtualization to … containerized deployments. There’s some new kids in town. The big beast of a whale called Docker (although it has a small footprint, pun intended ), a teeny tiny Microsoft solution named Nano (although that flag doesn’t completely cover the cargo container (again pun intended)). The technology that build our virtualized DC’s is now enabling us containerized deployments. Hyper-V at its core and tools that you already have make this an easy entry.

1984: Azure Security Center is watching you(r back)

A camera on every person, and a non privacy world that’s what George Orwell described in “1984”. Big Brother knew everything. But what if someone else can make that knowing everything in to something useful. This is exactly what Azure Security Center (ASC) can do for you. It will watch everything for you. Let me take you into the story, and don’t forget Ignorance is Strength!
This Azure Security Center contains the foundations of Big Brother (it’s architecture), the way the Tought Police works (the intelligence and the forensics), and the love stories we have (all the different scenarios at work and how ASC works and can mitigate)

Mike Martin

Dad, Husband, Geek, NumberGirl, msft technical evangelist, #Azure Lover and ex MVP, wall crawler, #Batman fan, Caring Community Member

Sint-Gillis-Waas, Belgium

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