Just Pattern Matching: Java Catches Up (But Is It Enough?)

Ready to ditch those tangled if-else chains and say goodbye to clumsy type checks? Java's new pattern-matching features promise a cleaner, more elegant way to code. But can they truly match the power and expressiveness that Kotlin and Scala developers have enjoyed for years? This talk takes a deep dive into Java's pattern-matching evolution, comparing its capabilities side-by-side with these JVM heavyweights. Discover where Java excels, where it might still fall short, and whether it's time to refactor your projects confidently.

Whether you're a Java loyalist, a Kotlin convert, or a Scala enthusiast, you'll leave with a fresh perspective on the pattern-matching landscape.

Bazlur Rahman

Java Champion 🏆 Empowering Developers through Speaking 🗣️ Writing ✍️ Mentoring 🤝 & Community Building 🌍 Published Author 📖 Contributing Editor at InfoQ and Foojay.IO

Toronto, Canada


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