Deep Neuronal Networks vNext - Neocortex API

No question, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Neural Networks (DNN) are one of most amazing trends today. DNNs solve dedicated problems, but they are not intelligent. Fortunately, in the last decade new findings in neurosciences and Computational Intelligence (CI) offer an opportunity to build algorithms far behind DNN and any other known ML algorithm. Hierarchical Temporal Memory Cortical Learning Algorithm (HTML CA) might be a promising approach and real opportunity to build true intelligent systems.
HTM CLA is an implementation of a cortical learning algorithm, which is biologically built in the neocortex. In this session attendees will learn about theoretical background of the cortical algorithm as explored in the brain. With many examples, it will be demonstrated for the first-time implementation of HTM CLA in .NET core. We will also dive deeper in the parallel version of this algorithm and show how it is built with help of Actor Programming Model and Azure Service Bus.
Diese Session fokussiert Architekten, Entwickler und Data Scientists, die mehr über die Hintergründe des kortikalen Algorithmus im Neokortex und seine Implementierung in .NET Core erfahren wollen. Die Teilnehmer werden über die neueste Forschung im Bereich der Computational Intelligence in Bezug auf Hierarchical Temporal Memory lernen.

Dr. Damir Dobric

daenet GmbH - ACP Digital, Microsoft Regional Director, Azure+IoT MVP

Frankfurt am Main, Germany


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