Marco Massarotto

Information & Communications Technology

Business & Management

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Lo Sprint Goal: molto più di una "lista di PBIs"

Lo Sprint Goal è un elemento constitutivo di Scrum, pero spesso lo si omette o lo si rende frivolo. Molti team adottando direttamente la "lista di PBIs" (cioè, i Product Backlog Items dello Sprint Backlog). Ma così facendo si perde un qualcosa... Riesci a vederlo?

Lo Sprint Goal assomiglia più a un outcome che a un output.

In questa sessione, presento una simpatica metafora culinaria utile ad illustrare le caratteristiche di un buon Sprint Goal ed, in particolare, perché lo Sprint Goal è molto di più della semplice "lista di PBIs". Il riferimento a The Scrum Guide è costante.

Marco Massarotto

Agile Coach CSP-SM | Mindfulness trainer | Ph.D. Engineer

Passionate for PERSONAL & ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT. Committed to the CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT, applying both technical expertise and human values. « Good Kaizen starts right within oneself! »

10+ years with Agile, especially Scrum. As an Agile Coach, I join with organizations/teams willing to improve both results and happiness. I provide support for transitioning to better ways of “getting things done”, using organizational intelligence as a competitive advantage. My day-to-day includes training, mentoring, consulting and coaching both teams and executives, with a tailored approach.

As a Chief Operating Officer (COO, Improvement Champion), I led the agile transformation of a 68 people company by a Spotify-like framework. I also have formerly been: Product Owner, Scrum Master, Project Manager and Web Developer.

With a background as Ph.D. Engineer, I am certified as CSP-SM, PSM II and PSPO I. I have also been trained as Co-Active Coach, Mindfulness instructor and in Management 3.0.

I actively work on my own personal development by the support of the P.R.H. (Personality and Human Relationships) school.

From Brescia (Italy).

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