Hugo Bernier

Hugo Bernier

Enterprise Platform Architect

Toronto, Canada


Hugo is the world's laziest developer. He will always look for the easiest way to solve a problem.

He is also a member of the Microsoft 365 Patterns and Practices (PnP) team.

As a former MVP and McKinsey & Company consultant, Hugo combines his love of technology and his management consulting experience to help organizations solve business problems quickly using enabling Microsoft technologies.

Hugo worked in Canada, the United States, Germany, Finland, Singapore, Hungary, France, and the United Kingdom, where he consumed vast amounts of coffee.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • SharePoint Framework
  • Dynamics 365
  • Powerapps
  • Microsoft Flow
  • SharePoint Online
  • SharePoint Development
  • information architecture
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Azure Cognitive Services

Security: Your first step to Power Platform Governance

A common concern around low code platforms is “security”. Whether it is a low-code platform or pro-code, security is important to protect organizations and individuals from data breaches, identity theft, and other types of cybercrime. All organizations conduct business with partners and peers, and security data across organizations is as important as securing the data within your organization.
Power Platform brings all the strong security and compliance features of Azure and AAD on the table. In addition to all the standard Microsoft 1st party security constructs, Power Platform has many targeted governance capabilities that are focused on securing its unique app-flow-bot-Dataverse and connector ecosystems. Like all good security strategies, Power Platform security offerings are a multi-layered cake and offer defense in depth.
Power platform security begins at the tenant level and then cascades down to other elements such as environments, resources, and the Dataverse. During this session, we will dive into each layer of security covering key facts, next steps, what comes out of the box, how to further customize security that suit your organization’s requirements.

Power Platform Development Is A Team Sport

Every player can’t be good at everything. The key to a successful team is to ensure that every player in a team brings their unique value and complements the team. 

Power Platform + List Formatting Integrations Master Class

Maximize the potential of the Microsoft Power Platform with our Power Platform + List Formatting deep dive training. SharePoint lists are the primary data source for the platform, but they often lack the visual appeal and seamless integration necessary to enhance productivity.

Our comprehensive, full-day training covers the basics of Column, View, and Form Formatting and advanced techniques that integrate with Power Apps, Power Automate, Microsoft Forms, Microsoft Teams, and Power Virtual Agents. You'll learn how to enable Conditional Flow Launching, offer Flow Instance Linking and Progress Visualization, Command Bar customization, Power Apps Deep Linking, and Style and Design Integrations.

This workshop will empower you to transform your SharePoint lists from just a backend and separate experience into fully integrated and complementary solutions offering integration and interoperability with the Power Platform. With the knowledge you'll gain, you can provide a complete application experience across the platform, guiding your users and taking your solutions to the next level.

Power Apps Design, Performance, and Accessibility Master Class

Power Apps makes it easy for business users to build custom apps and solutions, but for the wide feature set, its design and accessibility options may leave you wanting.

Thankfully, your expert presenters bring a wide range of proven experience in design, performance, and accessibility for Power Apps that they can't wait to share with you.

In this workshop, you'll learn how to take your apps to the next level of user experience and user interface using incredibly useful tips and tricks, proven practices, and real-world guidance that will take your apps from basic to bravo, restrictive to robust.

Expert to learn:
– How to choose the right data sources for your apps;
– Recommended coding practices;
– How and why to create reusable components;
– An intro to accessibility and how to make apps accessible by design;
– How to measure accessibility; and
– How to use visual hierarchy and layouts to make your applications more accessible and comprehensible

Expect a day packed with interactive exercises, lots of examples from from real-world use cases, and tons of power! After this workshop you will have not only theoretical knowledge, but also gained practical skills to make better apps and set the new standard for your organizations custom solutions.

A glimpse into the future of Microsoft

We'll dive into, discuss, and look at, some key upcoming and/or preview releases of products and features announced at the Microsoft Ignite conference 2022 that occurred in October while also discussing many more things to come on the Microsoft roadmap.

Sharing is Caring - Power Platform Samples Contributor

The Power Platform samples contributor session will give you the information and tools that you need to get started making contributions to the Power Platform community. You'll learn about what the PnP initiative is and discover what type of contributions you can make.

Whether you want to share an Independent Publisher Connector, Power Apps template, custom functions, connector, PowerBI Dashboard, Power Automate workflow template, PCF controls or Power Virtual Agents sample bot, this session will help you get started with your contributions.

Not sure what GitHub is or how to use it? Not sure how to package up your Power Platform samples and get them ready to share? Don't worry - this session doesn't assume any pre-existing knowledge.

We will walk you through all of the basics that you need to know to get started with GitHub and the Power Platform tooling needed so you can leverage it to submit your contributions.

By the end of this session, you will have created your contribution on GitHub and be empowered to continue your contribution journey.

Sharing is Caring hands-on sessions are never recorded to provide a safe space where everyone can feel comfortable asking any questions they wish.

Power Platform samples:

Independent Publisher Connectors:

Kickstart your Microsoft 365 and Power Platform extensibility with open-source and community assets

Microsoft 365 has extremely active makers, builders and developer community and together with the Microsoft engineering, community has built amazing set of tools and assets which will help to get started on extensibility requirements. There are samples, tools, and controls, which will simplify design and implementation of engaging experiences. We do share the community objectives and engagement also across the Power Platform areas, so join this session to know the latest around how to get started with building experiences for Microsoft 365 and Power Platform.

Passion Led Us Here

TBD from Dona

It’s Alive!!! Animation techniques that bring to life SPFx, List Formatting and the Power Platform

My creation...has.....LIFE!!! Animated & interactive solutions bring a spark of excitement to what can be a boring and lifeless user experience. In this session, see how to use TypeScript, CSS3, and JavaScript animation libraries to breathe life into your SharePoint Framework, List Formatting, Power Platform experiences, and so much more!!

Power Pages and Fusion Teams: the newest Power Couple

Find out why Microsoft's latest Power Platform family member is the best way to build rich, data-connected web applications by empowering makers, pro-devs, and IT administrators.

We'll show you how fusion teams can work together and leverage the respective skills of each team member to quickly build awesome websites that solve real business problems.

We'll also demonstrate how you can use application lifecycle management (ALM) tools to securely build, test, and deploy changes to your Power Pages sites.

It’s Alive!! Animation & Design Principle Techniques that Bring SharePoint Framework Solutions to Li

My creation... is... alive! Animated & properly designed interactive solutions bring a spark of excitement to what might otherwise be a boring and lifeless user experience.

In this session, see how to use TypeScript, CSS3, and Javascript animation libraries to breathe life into your SharePoint Framework solutions, Teams experiences, and so much more!

Intro to Power Apps Portals: Step into the Multiverse

Are you looking for a way to create low code solutions that can reach outside of your organization? Step into the Power Platform multiverse with Power Apps Portals. In this session, you'll learn what Power Apps Portals is and how you can get started building POWERful applications that are secure, accessible, and available to your organization and beyond.

Empower your customers and partners with rich dashboards using Power Pages + Power BI

A demonstration of how Power BI can be embedded into Power Pages to create powerful customer facing dashboards and analytics. Includes demonstrating the use of security groups to pre filter data.

Developing custom code websites for Power Pages

Demonstration of how to use CLI, VS Studio and GitHub to develop a custom website and host on Power Pages. Covers how to manage source code and ALM. Include demonstrating how the code can then be uploaded to Power Pages Design Studio for preview and testing, and using the inline code editor to quickly adjust the look and feel. Consider including PWC as a guest to quickly show their pro dev approaches.

Creating Engaging and Inclusive News for your Intranet

The average office worker receives 121 emails a day. Amidst those emails are critical pieces of company news. How do you design your message so you successfully communicate necessary information and actions while driving engagement across the organization?
In this session, we will take a user-centric approach to strengthen your ability to communicate news in a way that fits the needs and expectations of your audience. We will discuss the steps for organizing content, designing pages, and the dissemination of SharePoint news.

Walk away from this session with actionable steps to create more engaging and inclusive news in Microsoft 365 by focusing on the audience's goals and mental models, accessibility, and user experience best practices.

Building Web APIs for Power Platform Apps

Power Platform means that we don't need to write code anymore... right?

Not quite. The kind of code that we write may change, but there will still be code!

Instead of doing the same old boring code (you know, like that form that you need to rewrite every year for some internal process), you get to focus on the value-added code that will empower the makers in your organization to build their apps.

In this session, you will learn how to build web APIs (and enable APIs you already have) so they can be consumed by low-code developers building apps with the Microsoft Power Platform.

Build a website with no code using Power Pages Design Studio.

Build a website in less than hour starting from a template, add pages, adjust styling, create a table, add forms, and publish as a PWA. Demo the finished website in the final 5 minutes.

Build a business website for your customers or partners in < 20 minutes with Power Pages

This session is intended as an introduction to Power Pages and how easy and fast it can be to build business websites. The presenter races a 20 minute clock to create a business website starting with a Google search and following the 5x5 experience. The presenter then builds and styles a simple website from the default template, sets up AAD B2C or LinkedIn login, and then previews the site before the 20 minute clock runs out!

Microsoft 365 for the Hybrid Workplace

Organizations are going hybrid - to support the needs of remote and onsite employees. In this move, technology can help support and promote a culture of inclusivity and engagement, while being secure, reliable, and compliant. Jeff will share more on how people work together fluidly with the latest innovations across Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive - with a few fun reveals. This keynote spans updates to employee engagement, knowledge and information management with Microsoft Viva and Microsoft Lists. Lots to see and learn for users, BDMs, and IT Pros.

From Low Code to Pro Code - Building Solutions for Microsoft 365 – Powerclass

Microsoft 365 is an immense platform, full of awesome tools and resources with multiple ways to customize the experience. With so many choices available, how are you to know which development direction to pursue and invest in and how it might best fit your organization?

If you are responsible for managing, designing, or developing solutions, need to understand what's possible from low code to pro code AND how to make sense of it all - this is the workshop for you!! We will cover different capabilities in the Microsoft 365 platform, concentrating on the Power Platform, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Viva Connections, and Microsoft Graph.

Topics covered on the Microsoft 365 platform:
• List Formatting, Microsoft Forms, Power Apps, and Power Automate
• SharePoint Framework
• Viva Connections Extensibility using Adaptative Card Extensions
• Microsoft Graph & Microsoft Graph Toolkit
• And how to use them together!!

Change how you work with Microsoft Loop

Remember the days when we used to email documents to each other and only one person at a time could edit a file because it was marked as read-only for everyone else?

We had to change how we worked to work around technical limitations.

And some of us still work the same way we did 10 or 20 years ago.

But technology has evolved, and times have changed!

In this session, we'll show you how to change the way you work by leveraging the latest collaboration technologies from Microsoft.

We'll demonstrate the latest from Microsoft Loop, but we'll also discuss how Outlook, SharePoint, Teams, viva, and Mesh fit in the whole picture -- and how to prepare your organization to adapt to a whole new way of working.

If you or someone you work with struggles to see the value of technologies like Loop, this session is for you.

Add Teams functionality to your apps using Azure Communication Services

Increase customer engagement by adding Teams functionality like voice and video calling, chat, and SMS capability in your web apps, desktop, and mobile apps built in JavaScript, .NET, Python, and Java in a few steps using Azure Communication Services.

In this session, we'll discuss sample scenarios, and walk you through the steps needed to easily embed Azure Communication Services to build apps that will allow you to connect with yOur customers and colleagues in a more meaningful way.

Link to session: https://teamsnation.rocks/Room6

ACE Dev Detective: When Viva Calls - Introduction to Viva Connections Adaptive Card Extensions

To become an Adaptive Card Extension (ACE) developer, you need to understand Viva Connections, SharePoint Framework (SPFx), and Adaptive Cards.

In this session, we'll investigate why you would want to build ACE solutions, pick up the tools of the trade, and follow the clues you'll need to solve the mystery of using Viva Connections.

We will walk you through how to build an ACE, types of ACEs, where and how you can use an ACE in SharePoint & Microsoft Teams. You'll also learn how to fight crimes against good design and provide the best experience for your users. Alllllrighty then!!

Beginner SPFx Bootcamp

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and learn to code using SharePoint Framework (SPFx), TypeScript, and React?

In this all-day hands-on workshop, we'll show you how to configure your workstation for SPFx development, build a web part, create configurable property panes, use reusable controls and libraries, and connect to SharePoint data.

By the end of the session, you'll be ready to go back to work and start building awesome web parts! You'll also have the skills you need to attend the Advanced SPFx Bootcamp.

Conducted by the most fun (and best-looking) members of the Microsoft 365 Patterns and Practices (PnP) team, this session will make learning SPFx an enjoyable experience.

Advanced SPFx Bootcamp

So, you built some SPFx solutions and you're ready for more advanced solutions?

Ready to learn how to build large-scale solutions using SPFx, and use pro-dev techniques like advanced debugging, unit testing, and automated deployments?

Want to level up your development workstation configuration to maximize productivity?

This workshop is for you!

In this "choose your own adventure" all-day workshop, conducted by the members of the Microsoft 365 Patterns and Practices (PnP) team, we'll show you the skills you need to build awesome, next-level SPFx solutions and how to continue to grow your skills. We'll also show you how to use your SPFx skills to build solutions for Microsoft Teams and Viva Connections.

If you're new to SPFx development, please attend the Beginner SPFx Bootcamp before attending this workshop, where we'll cover the basics you need for this workshop.

Power Platform Zen for IT: Finding the balance between creativity and control

Microsoft enabled the Power Platform products on your tenant without talking to you? Great.

Now you've got rampant Power Apps solutions, untamed Power Automate flows and uncontrollable Power Virtual Agents.

And your users demand more flexibility.

How can you, as an IT person, empower your Citizen Developers to use the full potential of the Power Platform while maintaining a controlled and sustainable environment that protects your data and your infrastructure?

In this session, we'll discuss strategies and tools to wrangle your Power Platform implementation while giving your company an edge to adapt to changing business needs by empowering your Citizen Developers and embrace fusion teams.

We'll discuss security, governance, data loss prevention, application lifecycle management, and various other best practices.

You'll leave the session having attained Power Platform enlightenment.

Mission Impossible: Deliver a feature-rich SharePoint solution with PnP community assets

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to build an essential SharePoint solution in the most efficient way possible.

To help you on your mission, learn how to harness the various open-source PnP gadgets at your disposal. These tools include custom SPFx web parts and extension accelerators, list formatting definitions with interactive, animated interfaces and an Office365 Command Line Interface.

Be the hero your organization needs without the dangers of building your solution from scratch.

Good luck…this session description will self-destruct in five seconds.

Microsoft Teams: From Zero to Hero

Let's be honest: someone probably forgets to unmute at least once per meeting. Or fails to turn off their camera. Or accidentally share unintended content.

It's no secret - online meetings and remote work are a part of our life now—these new ways of working come with distinct challenges.

We'll share embarrassing stories in this session and discuss ways to avoid common mistakes when using Microsoft Teams. We'll provide tips to help you make a great first impression, present like a pro, and be a Teams hero.

If you'd like to succeed in the digital workplace, make sure to attend this session.

Creating Engaging and Inclusive News for your Intranet

The average office worker receives 121 emails a day. Amidst those emails are critical pieces of company news. How do you design your message to successfully communicate necessary information and actions while driving engagement across the organization?

In this session, we will take a user-centric approach to strengthen your ability to communicate news in a way that fits the needs and expectations of your audience. We will discuss the steps for organizing content, designing pages, and sharing SharePoint news.

You will walk away from this session with actionable steps to create more engaging and inclusive news in Microsoft 365 by focusing on the audience's goals and mental models, accessibility, and user experience best practices.

Contributors: Assemble! Unleashing the Power of Community

It's 12am on a Friday and you finally fixed that nagging issue with your project. You shout for joy to your nearest companion only to be met with an unenthusiastic response. What if you had a place to assemble, full of community heroes who share the same passions for technology as you? A place where you can unleash your superpowers: share your hard-fought tips and tricks, your ideas, best practices.

In this session, we will redefine what it means to be a contributor. This community is not about any one person or group of people. It is about collaborating, sharing, or improving things for the greater good of the community. Join us on an adventure to build your community origin story.

What's in it for you:
-Tips for finding your place in the community
-An understanding of the open-source initiatives
-Guidance on where to get help on issues you're struggling with
-Bestowing of boons

Winning Combination: Team up with the Microsoft 365 PnP Community and become a SharePoint All-Star

Championships are won by the efforts of a team. Likewise, award-winning SharePoint solutions are built by the contributions & efforts of a team.
Together we will review how you can harness the PnP tools and resources at your disposal to enhance your SharePoint solution experience.
We'll learn how to collaborate with team players within the Microsoft 365 PnP community to streamline your development cycles.
We will also demonstrate a variety of SPFx development assets, samples & techniques to increase quality and decrease costs to deploy a championship SharePoint solution.

Top 5 Power Platform solutions you should build

You want to build solutions using Power Apps, Power Automate and Power Virtual Agent but you don't know where to start?

Your company does not want to purchase Power Platform licenses because they are "too expensive"?

We'll show you five solutions every organization should build using the Microsoft Power Platform that will instantly help you recover the license costs and help every company save money and improve productivity.

Choosing between Microsoft Lists, Dataflex, and Dataflex Pro

With Microsoft Lists, Dataflex for Teams, and Dataflex Pro, it can be challenging to decide what to use when building your Microsoft 365 solutions.

In this session, we’ll explore the difference between each solution, examine the limitations of each and the cost implications of each approach. We’ll discuss best practices with each and offer real-life examples of how to use each solution.

Building your first bot using Power Virtual Agent

Power Virtual Agents allows power users to easily create powerful bots using a no-code interface.

In this session, we'll demonstrate real-life usage scenarios of Power Virtual Agents and build a brand new bot together.

Upgrade your SPFx projects using Office 365 CLI

Since the first developer preview in 2016, the SharePoint Framework has released over 10 major releases and many minor releases, adding new functionality and improvements along the way.

But how do you keep your SPFx solutions up-to-date with the latest version of SPFx?

Luckily, Office 365 CLI makes it easy to upgrade your SPFx projects with minimum efforts!

In this session, we'll show you how to the Office 365 CLI SPFx project upgrade command, some of the configuration options, and how to solve issues you may encounter along the way.

Getting started with Power Virtual Agents

According to Forrester, 69% of global data and analytics decision-makers plan to implement a chatbot for their organization within the next year.

Luckily, Power Virtual Agents is here and it is easy to use!

In this session, we'll show you how you can build your own chatbot using Power Virtual Agent.

Faites des belles web parts avec SPFx

Avouons-le: nous les développeurs ne se soucient pas vraiment quand nos web parts ne sont pas belles. Tant que ça marche, on est heureux. Malheureusement, vos utilisateurs ne partagent pas nos sentiments. Dans cette session, vous apprendrez les principes de style de SharePoint, et comment vous pouvez construire de belles web parts que vos utilisateurs aimeront en utilisant SPFx.

Building SharePoint Framework solutions for C# developers

Do you feel that Microsoft changes how SharePoint solutions are built every time they release a new version of SharePoint?

Are you still supporting old SharePoint solutions that were built in C#?

Are you to busy to learn the new SharePoint Framework (SPFx)?

In this session, we'll show you why SPFx is here to stay!

We'll introduce you to SPFx concepts by using the technologies you're already familiar with (like Visual Studio, C#, Nuget, MS Build) and show you their SPFx equivalents.

After this session, you'll want to go back to your office and build your first SPFx solution!

How to fail a SharePoint migration to Office 365: an evil consultant's guide

Everybody can do presentations on how to migrate from SharePoint to Office 365 successfully.

But only our guest speaker from Evil Consulting Corp. can teach you how make a migration take longer, cost more, and reduce user adoption.

We'll demonstrate real-life examples of "best practices" to avoid and present success-avoidance techniques such as:
- Don't communicate to your users, they love surprises
- Training is for babies
- Estimates are for losers

If you are preparing for a migration and you want to fail, this session is a must. If you want to succeed, you can attend this session and do the exact opposite of what we'll present -- if you must.

Integrate Microsoft Graph in your solutions using Microsoft Graph Toolkit

Microsoft Graph is the "glue" that binds many of the Office and SharePoint components together, but it can be daunting for a developer to start using it.

But it does not need to be!

In this session, you'll learn how you can use the Microsoft Graph Toolkit in your SharePoint web parts to display data from Microsoft Graph with little or no code.

It’s Alive!!! Animation techniques that bring to life SPFx & List Formatting SharePoint solutions

My creation...has.....LIFE!!! Animated & interactive solutions bring a spark of excitement to what can be a boring and lifeless user experience.

In this session see how to use TypeScript, CSS3 and JavaScript animation libraries to breath life into your SharePoint Framework solutions, List Formatting experiences and so much more!!

Using Artificial Intelligence in SharePoint Framework Solutions

Learn how you can integrate the various services available with Azure Cognitive Services in your custom SPFx solutions to solve real-world problems using practical business solutions.

Designing SharePoint Framework Web Parts for Non Designers

Creating beautifully-designed software is like kryptonite for most developers. Fortunately, it is possible to create solutions that work great and look great. Learn how you can create beautiful SPFx web parts that your users will love, even if you don't have an ounce of design sense.

Build a SharePoint Information Architecture your users will love

SharePoint implementations can fail or succeed based on user adoption. One way to improve user adoption is to make every user feel that you built SharePoint specifically for them. Find how you can build an Information Architecture that will make your users fall in love with SharePoint and help improve their productivity.

May 2023 Microsoft 365 Conference Sessionize Event

April 2023 Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Global Power Platform Bootcamp 2023 - Toronto Edition Sessionize Event

February 2023 Toronto, Canada

Global Power Platform Bootcamp 2023

Keynote: Your Team is Bigger Than You Think (How to think differently about Power Platform adoption within the organization)

February 2023 Toronto, Canada

Microsoft 365 Conference December 2022 Sessionize Event

December 2022 Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

M365/D365 Ottawa Event Sessionize Event

November 2022 Ottawa, Canada

CollabDays New England - Microsoft 365 - 2022 Sessionize Event

October 2022 Burlington, Massachusetts, United States

The North American Collaboration Summit 2022 Sessionize Event

October 2022 Branson, Missouri, United States

Power Platform Conference (Microsoft Content) Sessionize Event

September 2022 Orlando, Florida, United States

Microsoft 365 Conference April 2022 Sessionize Event

April 2022 Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Teams Nation 2022 Sessionize Event

March 2022

M365 Below in Chicago! Sessionize Event

January 2022

Microsoft 365 Friday Cabo San Lucas Sessionize Event

November 2021 Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

CollabDays Belgium & Netherlands 2021 Sessionize Event

October 2021

CollabDays New England - Microsoft 365 2021 Sessionize Event

October 2021 Burlington, Massachusetts, United States

SharePoint Saturday Live 2021 Sessionize Event

September 2021

The North American Collaboration Summit 2021 Sessionize Event

August 2021 Branson, Missouri, United States

SPFest Chicago 2021 Sessionize Event

July 2021 Chicago, Illinois, United States

A Taste of M365 Chicago! Sessionize Event

June 2021

SharePoint Saturday Cologne 2021 Sessionize Event

May 2021

M365 Philly Virtual 2021 Sessionize Event

May 2021

Collabdays Nordics Sessionize Event

May 2021

Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon Sessionize Event

April 2021

Microsoft 365 Saturday 2021 @Chennai Sessionize Event

April 2021

CollabDays Bremen 2021 Sessionize Event

March 2021

CollabDays Birmingham Virtual 2021 Sessionize Event

January 2021

Microsoft 365 Friday California 2021 Sessionize Event

January 2021

Modern Workplace Conference Paris 2021 Sessionize Event

January 2021 Paris, France

Minnesota Microsoft 365 User Group - Virtual Admin Workshop Day Fall, 2020 Sessionize Event

November 2020 Edina, Minnesota, United States

M365 Chicago - Virtual Event Sessionize Event

November 2020 Chicago, Illinois, United States

Virtual HOU365 Friday 2020 Sessionize Event

October 2020

M365 Saturday Ottawa Sessionize Event

October 2020 Ottawa, Canada

PnP Virtual Conference - September 2020 Sessionize Event

September 2020

M365 Philly (AKA SPS Philly) Sessionize Event

July 2020 Malvern, Pennsylvania, United States

European Collaboration Summit 2020

Create Accessible SPFx Web Parts

June 2020 Wiesbaden, Germany

Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon Sessionize Event

May 2020

Office 365 Saturday Redmond 2020 Sessionize Event

March 2020 Redmond, Washington, United States

Global Power Platform Bootcamp Toronto 2020 Sessionize Event

February 2020

Salt Lake M365 Friday

How to fail a SharePoint migration to Office 365: an evil consultant's guide

February 2020 Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

Office 365 Saturday San Diego 2020 Sessionize Event

January 2020

Global AI Bootcamp - Mississauga Sessionize Event

December 2019 Mississauga, Canada

SharePoint Saturday Toronto 2019 Sessionize Event

November 2019 Mississauga, Canada

Technical Executive Breakfast Series: Planning for Agile Projects

The Technology Executive Breakfast is a quarterly series designed to allow senior level IT executives a safe environment for open discussion and networking. Led by an independent moderator, it’s an opportunity for these individuals to participate in an organic discussion with topics ranging from Developing Your Executive Brand, Innovation – What’s Hot and What’s Arriving Soon in Technology, Legal Issues facing the CIO, Data Breaches and Disaster Recovery, IT Security Trends and Tactics, and Cultural Shifts in Work Environments, just to name a few.

November 2019 Toronto, Canada

aOS Kuala Lumpur 2019 Sessionize Event

October 2019 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

aOS Singapore 2019 Sessionize Event

October 2019 Singapore

SharePoint Saturday New England 2019 Sessionize Event

October 2019

Office 365 & SharePoint Saturday Nashville Sessionize Event

June 2019 Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Effective Strategies for Change Management & User Adoption

Technical Executive Breakfast series discussing an approach to change management and user adoption that will surely inspire you and your teams to continue the good fight of delivering modernization, new technology and processes to your organizations.

May 2019 Toronto, Canada

Microsoft 365 Saturday Montreal 2019 Sessionize Event

May 2019 Montréal, Canada

You've moved your servers to the cloud, but did you move your users?

Part of the "WHAT'S IT LIKE UP IN THE 'CLOUD'?" event hosted by Technology Learning Lab, find out how user adoption can make or break your cloud migration by learning practical organizational change management tricks that you can use in your own journey.

March 2019 Toronto, Canada

Hugo Bernier

Enterprise Platform Architect

Toronto, Canada


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