Frequently Asked Questions

General Top

Why should I use Sessionize for my event? #

It will save you a lot of time, it will save time for your content team, and speakers just love the experience! And you'll love it, too!

How can I try it? #

We offer 100% free, no strings attached, no credit card required... well, you know - trial. Just click here, login with your Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Office 365 or Twitter account and you can try everything for yourself! You can even create a demo event with ten sessions pre-submitted, so you don't have to make your own fake sessions up!

Is my data safe? Is your service reliable and available? #

Sessionize is 100% cloud based service, using Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. That enables us to store your data securely, redundantly and backed up. Cloud providers guarantee services to be available 99.95% of the time.

What's the deal with the free community license? #

We've been part of the community for ages, and we really believe in its power. So we wanted to give back. Community license has no restrictions or limitations, it just requires your event to be free for all participants, open to everybody and organized without profit in mind.

How can I link to Sessionize on my site? #

Grab a tiny piece of code here.

Sessions Top

Can I add sessions to the schedule manually? #

Yes. Not all sessions need to be submitted during call for speakers. Sessions, and their speakers, can be added manually by organizers.

Mobile app Top

Can I have a mobile app for participants? #

Yes, within seconds. Build your schedule, publish it and you mobile app will be few clicks away.

Do I need to wait for stores' certifications? #

You don't. We use modern Progressive Web App technology that can be installed from the web. It's supported by both Android and iPhone and, when installed, it looks just like a regular app. Also, it can be used on tablets, desktops, TVs... anywhere! You can share direct links to sessions and speakers, that can be opened on any device!

Do I pay extra for the mobile app? #

No, mobile app is included in the package.

How does that app look like? Can I customize it? #

Take a look at our demo app. You can customize name, colors, logo, icons, date format, links and embed your news.

Embed & API Top

How easy is to embed my event agenda into my website? #

Very easy, one line of code to copy-paste.

Or, if you're using WordPress, with our WordPress plugin.

Do you offer API access to the data? #

Yes. All events can expose endpoints you can connect to programatically. We offer read-only access to your agenda in JSON and XML formats. The best way to try this out is to create a demo event (free and no strings attached) and find "API & Embed" in the menu.

Do I have to give my developer access to the system in order to use API? #

No. You can setup everything by yourself and give him/her a link - or you can add him/her as a content team member, with the Developer role, so he/she can access API configuration only.

Is there an API documenation? #

More info Top

I have more questions! #

Please contact and we'll be glad to help.