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  • Discover events that match your profile

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I'd like to say that if you're running a community conference that has a CFP, I cannot recommend Sessionize highly enough as a submitter. One of the best submission experience I've ever had, hands down. Sessionize.com

I am really liking that conferences are adopting Sessionize.com for CFPs. This really helps keep me organized.

As a speaker, I am really enjoying the on-ramp of @SessionizeCom's success. I can manage my abstracts and apply to conferences in a fairly cohesive manner now.

So glad more and conferences are using @SessionizeCom - it makes submitting session so much easier and I can easily track the status of the talk. Please let every conference use this awesome platform!

BTW can I just say here that Sessionize.com is the best way to organize your talks even if you cannot use their site to submit your talk. Even when conferences do not use it, I send them my profile from Sessionize. It's great.

Pro tip for conferences organisers - just use @SessionizeCom and make our lives simpler...

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Alexis Monville Suhas Manangi Terho Antila Per Hammer Ridhwana Khan Santhakumar Munuswamy Ivan Kravets Giuliano Ribeiro Jeff Needham Carl Alexander Michael Miles Tiziano Interlandi Anselmo Alexandre Titus Thumbi Danny Preussler Justin Noel
Jody Gustafson Florian Klaffenbach Barlow Tucker Buhake Sindi Benjamin Montgomery Quentin Metzler Igor Vezmar Rizwan Javaid Didier Bephage Christina de Vries Daniel Westermayr Jimmy Lin John Miner Matej Klemenčič Claire Donald Nathan Landis

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  • The simplest submission experience possible for speakers

  • Smart voting mechanism to select the best content for you event

  • Communicate with speakers. Send them info, surveys and reminders

  • Drag and drop sessions to build your schedule

  • Mobile app with schedule where attendees can set favorites

  • Cloud based, safe and easy. Fair and simple pricing

  • Smart Task List that will guide you through the whole process

  • Embed schedule, speakers and sessions on your website