Real tweets, we didn't ask for them. Pure expressions of love!

That is the extremely epic @SessionizeCom - they specialize in session management and are awesome. Best session manager I've ever used. 10/10 can recommend that other events use it

As a speaker, I am really enjoying the on-ramp of @SessionizeCom's success. I can manage my abstracts and apply to conferences in a fairly cohesive manner now.

Just did some session proposals for @ExpertsLiveEU. What a nice and smooth process using @SessionizeCom. Now it's time to wait if sessions will be approved. :) cc @pvanderwoude #ExpertsLive

The more I use @SessionizeCom, the more I enjoy it. It really feels like the people behind it truly understand the domain. Great job!

I'd like to say that if you're running a community conference that has a CFP, I cannot recommend Sessionize highly enough as a submitter. One of the best submission experience I've ever had, hands down. Sessionize.com

Dear conference organizers that use @SessionizeCom …. Thank you so much. I love you. Please don't ever use anything else. Sincerely, A conference speaker without enough time on his hands

If you are running a conference, you should use @SessionizeCom instead of trying to code your own submission solution. Highly recommended.

We at DroidKaigi had always used a form + spreadsheet for managing the CFP, but we really felt the limits of this system. This time, we were able to easily field over 200 proposals, and were able to put more time into making the event even better thanks to @SessionizeCom

Planning #novacodecamp was so much easier and seamless this time thanks to @SessionizeCom - automated call for speakers process, schedule builder, website embeds... just so much greatness!

Sending in papers with @SessionizeCom is pretty painless. I like it Sessionize.com

In love with @SessionizeCom ... while building the @PowerSaturday site. It is just a dream come true and their support is flawless! 👍�

Isabelle Van Campenhoudt #Womxn #PowerBI #DataLove @thesqlgrrrl

I am really liking that conferences are adopting Sessionize.com for CFPs. This really helps keep me organized.

Also want to call out @SessionizeCom for making this so very easy this year. I can’t wait for @SQLLive360 , Orlando in December is always a good time.

Using @SessionizeCom to review talks, and I love the evaluation process of multiple talks side by side. This is reminding me of the index card discussions we had at @DocOnDev and @AgileSquirrel's session at #codemash

If you are involved in running a conference or helping coordinate speakers and talks, you really need to check out @SessionizeCom We are using it for #Accelerate2020 and I am just loving it. The best speaker management system I've worked with yet.

Pro tip for conferences organisers - just use @SessionizeCom and make our lives simpler...

All conferences should use @SessionizeCom, all conferences. It makes speakers life so simple. Love it.

I love @SessionizeCom both as a speaker and an organiser. The whole flow of the platform is just right. If you’re an organiser, it gives you so much guidance too.

If you organize a conference and use Google Forms for CfPs and not @SessionizeCom, you are doing it wrong!

Thank you @SessionizeCom ! Our A+ web guys @KyleMitBTV & @zekefarwell were able to "toss" the schedule on to our website with minimal effort! Big diff from the manual process we used in the previous 9 years! So grateful for the free use for our free event!

Just submitted sessions for a couple of different events that both use @SessionizeCom, and what a treat. Enter my bio and links just once, for sessions that I'm submitting to multiple events I can just select them. I hope every event starts using them.

So glad more and conferences are using @SessionizeCom - it makes submitting session so much easier and I can easily track the status of the talk. Please let every conference use this awesome platform!

BTW can I just say here that Sessionize.com is the best way to organize your talks even if you cannot use their site to submit your talk. Even when conferences do not use it, I send them my profile from Sessionize. It's great.

Top features

The main reason organisers, content editors, marketeers, developers and designers pick Sessionize.

  • The simplest submission experience possible for speakers

  • Smart voting mechanism to select the best content for you event

  • Communicate with speakers. Send them info, surveys and reminders

  • Drag and drop sessions to build your schedule

  • Mobile app with schedule where attendees can set favorites

  • Cloud based, safe and easy. Fair and simple pricing

  • Smart Task List that will guide you through the whole process

  • Embed schedule, speakers and sessions on your website