Organizers love our features — we think you will too!

Call for Papers

Every event starts with the first talk submission — make it easy

No more online forms or emails — you can have your call for speakers in minutes! Custom categorization is very easy to setup, and it can help a lot when building agenda.

Evaluate Submissions

Easily curate content that will make your conference stand out

Invite your content team members to join you in voting for the best submitted sessions. Use our smart voting mechanism to select the best content for your event.

Manage Content

Everything in one place, easy to manage for you & your speakers

Edit all session and speaker info in one place. Allow speakers to edit or add their info. Manage service sessions


Your speakers are rock stars — treat them as such

Congratulate to the chosen speakers, gently reject those not as fortunate. Talk to your speakers, send them info, surveys and invites; arrange travel details. Never leave a speaker behind!

Build Schedule

Building an event schedule doesn’t have to be hard

Just drag and drop your sessions around and end up with a complete schedule for your event. You can embed it on your website, or retrieve as JSON or XML if you feel more advanced.

Mobile & Web App

The big day is here — make the content accessible to everyone

You can have a mobile app with schedule in seconds. Participants can favorite their sessions and build their own schedule.

...and much more!

Organizers, content editors, marketeers, developers, designers — we have you covered!

Easy registration

  • Organizers and speakers can use existing company, school or social account to login

  • Create classic username & password account if preferred

Call for Papers

  • From login to functional submission form in a few minutes

  • Call for speakers opens and closes automatically

  • NEW Customize colors to better match your branding

  • Secret link for speakers that can submit after the deadline

  • Optional public list of all submitted sessions

  • Submit as someone else (agent mode)

  • Limit number of submissions per speaker

  • Limit number of co-speakers per session

  • Email notification for each submission

Submission form

  • Custom session and speaker categorization and tagging

  • Custom session and speaker fields (text, files, links, consents, etc.)

  • Conditional logic: questions dynamically change based on previous answers

Content management

  • Advanced submissions searching, filtering and browsing

  • Public and internal fields, editable or locked

  • Session editing, tagging and commenting

  • Edit session details directly in the session list

  • Change sessions' statuses, individually or in bulk

Speaker management

  • Unlimited group mailings to accepted speakers

  • NEW Custom forms to collect additional data (e.g. presentations, travel info)

  • Send automated calendar placeholders to scheduled speakers

  • Advanced control on speaker's edit permissions

  • Session withdrawal procedure


  • Unlimited number of organizers and evaluators

  • Full, partial or read-only access

  • Special roles for evaluators and developers


  • Guided evaluation process for your content team

  • Three types of evaluation: comparison, stars rating and yes/no

  • Create unlimited number of evaluation plans, one for each group of sessions

  • NEW Assign evaluators to each session, or let everybody evaluate everything

  • Detailed evaluation statistics and exports

  • Optional anonymous mode for unbiased evaluation

  • Fields can be hidden from evaluations to protect privacy

  • Send accepts and declines, and ask for confirmation

  • Include individual feedback with decline emails

Schedule builder

  • Drag & drop schedule builder with session coloring

  • Service sessions supported (registration, lunches, coffee breaks etc.)

  • Individual session scheduling with collision preview

Supporting community

  • Free fully functional tier for free community events

  • Special user group mode for meetups (recurring events)


  • Online events supported

  • Live stream and recording links, per room or per session

  • Full timezones support

  • Show times in attendee's local timezone


  • It's your data, you have full control

  • Change history to track all session and speaker changes

  • Log of all emails sent from the system

  • Export data to spreadsheet

  • NEW Download all collected files in one ZIP

  • Automatic data export to your email

Schedule publishing

  • Simple real-time embed for your web-page

  • Multiple views and formats supported

  • Plain text schedule export, for mailings and announcements

  • Read-only API access for developers


  • Schedule app for attendees out-of-the-box

  • Installable on mobile phones

  • Works on tablets and desktop

  • Attendees can build their own schedule


  • Easily create shareable social banners for all accepted sessions

  • Download all speakers' photos with a single click

Speaker benefits

  • The simplest submission experience for speakers

  • Live session status info and details

  • Public speaker profiles

  • Centralized talks management for all events

  • Discover new events to speak at

Simple pricing

  • One pricing tier, all-inclusive

  • All features at your disposal, use the ones you need

  • Unlimited number of sessions, speakers, and team members

  • Fully open and functional test mode, we've got nothing to hide


  • NEW Playbook is a collection of articles to answer questions about Sessionize and help you make the most of it

  • Smart Task List to guide you through the whole process

  • Meaningful and helpful email support

  • Save time on content management and focus on other tasks (or just relax)

Sessionize is used across the globe, 131 countries and counting.