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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Kanwal Khipple

Chief Executive Officer

Kanwal Khipple is the CEO and Founder of 2toLead, a one of a kind consulting services firm. Kanwal is a thought leader within the SharePoint industry, experienced in building engaging and award winning solutions; most recently awarded Nielsen Norman award for the Top 10 Intranets for 2014 & 2015. He continues to push for innovation and disruption in tackling business problems by leveraging the right blend of design and technology. Kanwal has been recognized as a SharePoint Most Valuable Professional (MVP) by Microsoft (2009 to Present) for his impact to SharePoint & Office 365 community.

Current sessions

What being a remote-first company taught us

From the beginning, we have always been a remote first company. Consulting with customers remotely can be a challenge and was an important skill that we have been teaching to our teams. Though building trust with your team was harder than originally thought. We experimented and tried out a number of ways to be inclusive for our diverse team.

Attend this session to learn about
- Enabling every employee to have an impact
- Supporting and encouraging work/life balance
- Encouraging innovation through experimentation

Lessons Learned from Managing Projects in Project Online, Planner and ADO

We have been leveraging Office 365 to manage projects for over 5 years. We have learned quite a bit on how a small to medium organization can benefit from leveraging Project Online, Planner and Azure DevOps (ADO).

Topics we will cover
- Resource forecasting with Power BI
- Every Day Task Management for different teams
- Communication and Transparency

Lessons Learned building Solutions using Power Platform

Having built dozens of Power Apps, this session distills the core fundamentals that improve adoption of solutions. We will be covering everything from how environments impact data usage, how licensing can improve performance, planning for security and thinking about your data models at an enterprise scale.

Launching an Intranet? Create your Pre-Launch Checklist

Are you in the middle of launching your intranet or have been tasked with launching one in a few months? Attend this session to learn what you activities you should perform and when. We will cover everything from defining your goals and objectives, to how you can empower users to create content as well as how to successfully launch your intranet.

Practical Tips on Designing an effective Digital Hub

Attend this session to better understand how you can build your digital hub powered by SharePoint Online. We’ll dive into how Hub Sites, Communication and broader team sites can support with your digital workplace strategy.
Along-side, learning practical tips on how to build your own digital workplace, Kanwal will also share lessons learned on content strategy, migration strategy, brand strategy as well as governance strategy for your SharePoint sites.

Simplifying Daily Dynamics CRM tasks with Microsoft Flow

Attend this session to dive into how Dynamics CRM can take advantage of Microsoft Flow and simplify and automate the entire sales management process. During this session, we will review a number of scenarios from learning how integration with other applications can help improve your lead generation, getting push notifications to simplifying processes for sales operations

Beyond the Intranet: Digital Workplace Apps, Solutions n Bots

Many organizations have already established a powerful Office 365 Intranet, but they haven't answered the question What's next . In this session we will respond to the ever-increasing demand for powerful and integrated solutions that support users' needs across their digital workplace and beyond. Leveraging Office 365 means that you have access to entirely new ways of building solutions faster than ever before. The best part? It's not just IT that can build these great solutions!

Join Kanwal Khipple as he shares real world examples, and best practices for how organizations can deliver more value with integrated solutions built by the business, by IT, or a combination of both. In this session, we will talk about Bots, Microsoft Flow, PowerApps, Microsoft Forms, Integrations, Office 365 development, industry innovation and more!

Introducing Project Cortex

Project Cortex uses AI to reason over content across teams and systems, recognizing content types, extracting important information, and automatically organizing content into shared topics like projects, products, processes and customers. Cortex then creates a knowledge network based on relationships among topics, content, and people.

Attend this session to learn more about Project Cortex, topic pages, knowledge center and how it can transform your knowledge.

Intranets With Office 365: What You Need To Know

There is a growing trend of organisations moving to “the cloud” to meet their intranet needs. While many organisations are running their Intranets “on premise”, many are considering entirely cloud-based solutions or running them on platforms like Office 365. What's more organizations are challenging the Intranet to be more of an interactive and engaging digital hub for their digital workplace than just a communication centric portal.

The top two questions for many companies is “should our intranet be built with Office 365?” and "how should we best leverage it with Office 365?"

In this session we will explore:
• The benefits Office 365 brings to an intranet...
• Where the issues and challenges will lie...
• When and how you may integrate Office 365 with your existing intranet and digital workplace today.

Introduction to Microsoft Cognitive Services and AI

New to the Microsoft AI space? Attend this session to learn the different Microsoft services tailored to AI. We will also get a chance to review the powerful pre-built models that comprise Microsoft Cognitive Services and see how much can be achieved in just a few minutes with the Custom Vision service.

Introduction to Microsoft Search

Microsoft Search is looking to bring the search experiences across all Microsoft 365 services together into a single unified experience. Attend this session to learn how the experience impacts your users, how you can configure it as well as scenarios where you should customize it.

Leverage Bots in your Digital Workplace

Is your organizations looking to become smarter? Attend this session to better understand the benefit of bots and how integrating them into your organization can help common tasks automated. It's the first step toward better integration between business applications together. At the end of this session, we'll demo bots and sample solutions currently available in the Office 365 space.

Introducing Communication Sites for Communicators

Are you an internal communicator who owns and manages the intranet?  Are you looking to redesign your intranet but are not sure how Microsoft's Modern Communication sites fit into your project?  Attend this session to learn about what features Communication Sites provide and how you can leverage them.  This session will also be demo heavy to showcase key features that are available for 1st Release users in Office 365 tenants.

SharePoint Online Site Design and Site Scripts: The New Hotness

SharePoint Modern development patterns continue to evolve. Site Designs and Site Scripts are the latest in assisting you to automate the provisioning of new or existing modern SharePoint sites using customizations that you create. This session will go into describing how you can use site designs and site scripts to provide custom configurations to apply when new sites are created as well as how to apply them to existing sites as well.

Designing a Practical Hub Sites and Communication Sites

Communication sites and Hub sites are transforming how teams are leveraging SharePoint. As your companies SharePoint Sheppard, you want to design and build an effective strategy to implement your company’s brand as well as provide other teams flexibility to make it their own. Attend this demo-intensive session, as Kanwal walks through examples on how to improve the look and feel of communication sites via themes as well as how they complement your brand strategy.