Using Nuke and C# to automate your build pipeline

I've had a lot of prior build automation experience with the XML hell of MSBuild, the PowerShell sizzle of PSake and the "feels like C# but doesn't quite act like it is" Cake approach, both in my open-source projects as well as in professional projects. But nothing has made it such a sweet and smooth experience as Nuke did. The idea of using C# and .NET Core for build scripts that Cake introduced was a great idea, but because it didn't adopt C#/.NET fully, it became a painful exercise of plain text editing. I've been using Nuke for a while and it solved all of those concerns in a very well designed way. To show you why I think this is true, let me show you why Nuke is such a blessing for those that treat their build scripts as first class citizens of their code base.

Dennis Doomen

Hands-on architect in the .NET space with 26 years of experience on an everlasting quest for knowledge to build the right software the right way at the right time

The Hague, Netherlands

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