Current list of subprocessors

As mentioned in Data Processing Addendum

This document was valid until 7 Dec 2021. Please refer to the current version.

Where do we store cookies
Name Purpose Applicable Data location
Microsoft We're using a wide set of Azure services to make our service running and store your data. Always EEA
Amazon We're using a wide set of Amazon Web Services to make our service running and store your data. Always EEA
Paddle Paddle processes our online payments as a merchant of record. If you make an online payment, you will need to share your personal data with Paddle in order to handle the transaction. We only share your email address with Paddle. Online payment UK/USA
Freshworks Support tickets are handled using Freshdesk service. If you contact support in any way, your contact data (e.g. name and email address) will be stored in our Freshdesk account. Contacting support EEA
WhoisXMLApi Using WhoisXMLApi service to validate your email address when using public forms and classic registration. Contact form and classic registration USA
apilayer Data Products GmbH Getting your location (country only) from your IP address for analytics and antispam purposes using their IPStack service. IP address is not shared in real time, and no timestamp is shared. Always USA
If you use social logins, your personal data from their services is retrieved only once during registration. We never share your data with them. On social login