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Sucheta Gawade

Sucheta Gawade

IT Manager | Techie | 12x Microsoft Certified | Microsoft Azure and Endpoint Management enthusiast

Cleveland, United States

I specialize in Modern Management and Enterprise Mobility, leveraging Azure and Endpoint Configuration Manager which are my core work areas within IT Infrastructure. I manage an endpoint engineering team in a large healthcare organization. I love learning tech, diving into ever-evolving technologies from Microsoft, and collaborating for knowledge sharing with other tech enthusiasts.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager
  • Microsoft Intune
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Intune
  • Intune / MDM
  • MEM Intune
  • Cloud Computing on the Azure Platform
  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Technologies
  • Microsoft
  • M365

RBAC - Azure vs Entra vs Intune

Learn to better manage RBAC while working in Azure, Entra, or Intune, by understanding the underlying differences among the three, from the standpoint of Scope and Significance.
Also understand how a combination of these is necessary in specific scenarios.

Harness the Power of Azure and Intune: Best Practices for Mobile Data Security

In this engaging session, I'll delve into the realm of data security for mobile devices.
We'll explore how to harness the combination of Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Intune to implement robust security on mobile devices, effectively controlling data access and safeguarding information.
As an integral component of Microsoft's Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) suite, Intune stands at the forefront of cloud-based mobile device management, seamlessly integrating with Azure's robust capabilities.
Prepare to unlock the potential of Azure and Intune in creating a secure and efficient mobile environment for your organization.

Elevate your tech career with strategic IT Certifications

In this discussion, I will delve into the transformative impact of strategically selected IT certifications on technology careers. Drawing from my own experiences, I'll shed light on learning resources, choosing the most impactful certifications and paths aligning with career goals, and share my insights for achieving success with the certification journey.

Security, Compliance, and Identity concepts in Azure

This session covers the Microsoft security, compliance, and identity (SCI) fundamentals, and will help the audience understand how SCI solutions can span across Azure and M365. It will give a head start in preparation of the Microsoft Certification Exam SC-900.

Azure pertinent DevOps for non-coders

In this session I intend to share with non-developers working in Azure, what they can do with learning essential DevOps concepts – such as – contributing to GitHub with things outside of code modifications; applying pre-configured IaC/ARM/DSC scripts in Azure implementations; etc. I will also educate such audience on what DevOps is and explain the main concepts that non-coder Azure techs should know and leverage.

Shared Mobile Device Management through Intune

In this presentation, I intend to explain to the audience the management of Shared Mobile Devices (iPads/iPhones/Android) through Intune. I'll also be covering related configurations that can be implemented, and how it helps Frontline workers work well with the devices provided to them, while cleanly passing the devices from one user to another during a shift change.

My tech journey in Microsoft Technologies

Sharing my tech journey, and how Microsoft Learn and the amazing Microsoft community helped me head in the right direction as far as Microsoft Technologies are concerned, in order to thrive in my career.

Getting started with Microsoft Graph for Azure/Intune

In this Technical demo, I'll give an overview of Microsoft Graph and explain how to get started with Graph for pulling data from Azure/Intune using PowerShell queries.

Exploring the Graph Explorer

In this demo, I'll be walking the audience through Graph Explorer, and help them comprehend what it is and how to leverage it best for the Graph API use-case.

Dashing through the 'Cloud'

In the presentation video I will be dashing through the ‘Cloud’ to get the audience familiar with Cloud fundamental concepts. This will be a fun-filled and festive high-level overview of the Microsoft Azure Cloud, also briefly touching upon modern Endpoint Management.

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March 2024 Phoenix, Arizona, United States

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March 2024

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December 2023

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November 2023 Mexico City, Mexico

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Sucheta Gawade

IT Manager | Techie | 12x Microsoft Certified | Microsoft Azure and Endpoint Management enthusiast

Cleveland, United States