Elkhan Yusubov

Information & Communications Technology

Health & Medical

Goverment, Social Sector & Education

Annapolis, Maryland, United States

Elkhan Yusubov

Principle Cloud Architect, MSFT Certified Trainer, FHIR HL7, EDI, Azure SME

Elkhan is a principal cloud architect & trainer with experience in enterprise healthcare systems and healthcare data/api standards (HL7 FHIR, EDI X12).
He is an active MCT, Senior member of Microsoft Tech Community and an Azure SME (Architecture, DevOps, Security) and specialized in tech training and mentoring development teams.
He is a frequent local tech meetup community speaker and has volunteered for Give Camps, Data Fest, SQL Saturday and Global Azure events.
Elkhan tightly involved with Microsoft Azure, Microsoft MVP, Microsoft Security and HL7 FHIR communities to advance data interoperability, secure design and help community move forward.

Current sessions

How to up-skill with Azure Data Engineering certification?

Things were different before COVID-19 and accelerated digital transformation requires rapid changes to the data work that we do. However, it is not easy to jump into an ever growing cloud environment and use your existing skills to perform your job securely and efficiently.

In this session, we will investigate how to up-skill our existing data and SQL skills with a new Data engineering mindset.
A recently released Azure Data Engineering learning path (certification) could help us up-skill purposefully in this challenging time. I will share my learning journey and challenges to make you better prepared and ready for this transformation journey.

Sharing story of a cosmic journey with Cosmos DB

In this demo heavy session, i will my experience, challenges and usage of Cosmos DB on multiple projects.
We will get glimpse into Cosmos DB inner-workings and how we could easily get started developing on Cosmos DB while utilizing helpful tooling around it.

Along the line we will cover following topics:
• Deciding on setup & configuration
• Reviewing configuration details
• Back-ups and options for custom back-ups
• Pricing models and de-mystifying RUs
• Consistency models and how to run Cosmos DB for free)
• Other tooling to support your development, and more…

Start Azure development with Visual Studio Dev Essentials

Join my session to jumpstart your Azure development skills from zero. Learn about how to set your free Azure account and start using popular services + 25 always free services. We will explore Azure fundamentals and set our first web app in the cloud. Finally, we will learn how to navigate our account with MS-DOS commands you know and provision services with powershell commands.

Beginner's journey to a Blockchain Workbench API

We will jump start this session with quick overview of Blockchain technology and will look at Microsoft Blockchain workbench service app. We will provision a sample solidity contract and interact with it in minutes. I will demonstrate new workbench API capabilities which should ease development effort drastically. By the end of session, you should be good to start your own blockchain development project.

Getting started with Azure API for FHIR

In this session, we will learn about FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) HL7 standard and its importance. We will provision Azure API for FHIR and load synthetic patient data to our managed services. We will learn and demo how to interact with FHIR API and interpret resources.
By the end of demo, you will have good understanding of FHIR and simple app to explore resources.

Azure automation 101: what you need to know about ARM templates

Let’s start with intro to Azure basics by exploring auto-generated scripts. Learn about Azure resources and providers by decomposing ARM templates. Dive into template parameterization, customization and troubleshooting of potential runtime warnings/errors. By the end of this demo heavy session, we will be fearlessly provisioning our dev environments on demand and feel like a hero.

Past and future events

CFS - Global 2020 Summer Azure DataFest

2 Jul 2020
Reston, Virginia, United States

Global Azure Virtual

22 Apr 2020 - 24 Apr 2020
Seattle, Washington, United States

Northern VA CodeCamp Spring 2018

7 Apr 2018
Reston, Virginia, United States